Massif Central

Aveyron Grands Causses Languedoc

Méditerranean backcountry. Dry climate and cold waters. Roman tiles and sharp cliffs. Olive trees and wild scrubland.

An incredible assembly of rivers and scenic landscapes. Clear streams are flowing from the mountains, most often across canyons called gorges. These are rather wild areas.
Quite frequented by tourists in the summer, these valleys are almost desertic in the winter and during the early fishing season until the end of June. The South East of the Massif Central, is a stronghold of traditions and authenticity.

Enchanting site

of the Gorges de la Dourbie

Le Causse du Larzac

Our two proposals are around the Causse du Larzac birthland of the Roquefort cheese.

1- On river Dourbie

The first one is on the river Dourbie, offering sheer countryside experience. We have found there a wonderful hotel right on the river at the entrance of the gorges. Low prices but great satisfaction. This is the real authentic "France profonde". The nearest big city is Millau.

2- Fishing in the great scenery of the cirque the Navacelles

In the backcountry of Montpellier.

Bordering the south of the Causse du Larzac, this river is at shorter distance of Montpellier. It allows either a days fishing from the city or a short break with a night on the spot. We have selected a couple of very nice countryside inns.

Fly Fishing

March and April are excellent months for these low clear fast waters.

Fishing License at 55 euros (23 euros after June 1st) No guide listed.

Accomodations for Aveyron Languedoc

Hotel de la Dourbie

1h,30 from Montpellier Nîmes, double rooms around 38 euros, great setting, beautiful house built in 1850

Château Hotel

- Rooms & Suites from 115 to 243 euros -

Pigeon towers

of the Quercy

and curious constructions...

on the Causse...

Mairie et halle de Nant sur la Dourbie