Massif Central

Upper Allier - Loire

On the pilgrims road to Santiago de Compostella

Near Le Puy en Velay and La Chaise Dieu La Chaise Dieu is famous for its fantastic -festival de musique sacrée- each year in August

A stunning hotel

This is probably the most original countryside Hotel that you can find in France. One of the most attractive also. The idea was originated by the former Mayor, a lady full of energy and ideas. The principle was simple: She realized that because of distance and seclusion, most habitants had left and many of the traditionnal big stone houses were empty or in ruins (there was also a XIIth century Castle pretty much in the same shape). She did'nt want to see such a beautiful village to die and the last young people leaving also to find jobs far away. She created an outstanding hotel with the whole Village.

The Castle hosts offices, bar, dining rooms and salons. But after dinner, you just go out and walk the old paved narrow streets and join one of the beautifully restored original village houses.

The village is on top of a hill and most of the houses have garden terraces facing the wonderful hill view. These gardens are an enchantment of flowers and old stones. An early morning coffe there is a moment of "luxe", peace and happiness.

Hotel Catégorie Luxe. 6 houses have been renovated and provide a total of 11 rooms, most of them viewing the Allier valley. The effort and taste of decoration will surprise any guest. Most houses have a nice fireplace and terrace or gardens.

You can rent from room, to small house sort of rustique suite. There is a private swimming pool


From Paris, approximately 500 kms on good highways and national roads. Otherwise, access by train or plane to Clermont-Ferrand where cars can be rented. The nearest Big city is Clermont-Ferrand approx, 1h20. Town of Brioude 40 minutes.


This is the perfect place for anybody who wants to enjoy a pure countryside holiday, with nice touring, nice walks, nice gourmet food, a touch of sport and a true rest. But also the only remaining Café, is named "Au Rendez vous des Pêcheurs", (fisher's rendez-vous). Are you following me ?

Grayling - Thymallus thymallus -

The backseason sportfish par excellence.

Fly Fishing


The river Allier, was one of our best salmon streams. One of the most impressive course for this fish as the sea access is the estuary of the Loire in Nantes. This probably represents a run of over 700 kms. Salmon is in a restauration period and if nice fish can still be seen, no one is allowed to fish salmon.

Fishing now for brown trout and grayling. Downhill the village flows the Allier. Many tributaries and other rivers are of easy reach in the neighbourhood.

We have pointed out this place for grayling backseason fly fishing but trout fishing is quite good as well during the season. Trout season March 20th to the 3rd Sunday of September. Grayling season, mid May to late October and later.

Peak season of the grayling is from mid September to mid October (along with the nice colours of the autumn and the best season for the mushrooms cèpes).

L'Allier offers wide shallow and very clear pools

Guiding: We are partners with an excellent professional guide. Average day around 106 euros. License at around 23 euros.

Our selection of accomodation - Upper Allier -Loire -

De Luxe countryside Hotel

Double rooms from 77 to 228 euros

Unique setting of a XIIth century renovated Village