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Gourmetfly @ Gmail.com

To send an email, please follow these 2 steps :
When copying the address, do not leave the two spaces around the @

To help us sorting out your valuable message from the incredible number of spams, please put a few words related to your inquiery in the subject line, of your message. As an example, put something like <<Fly fishing in Normandy next week>> or <<Cooking in Provence in November>> or anything like this. Thanks a lot !!!

Telephone number (French cell phone):

Tel +33 6 83 25 84 09 

Do not rely on voice messages. if no one answers your call, please call again later or send an email. In any case, we cannot put a price on a trip project by phone. For a first contact, it is always better to send an email explaining your particular requirements and expectations.

I am often in the country but I always try to answer quickly...

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Postal Address in (near) Paris

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