Hunting in France.



Hunting in the Dordogne & Périgord regions

Upper Dordogne - Quercy - Corrèze -

The  Périgord is one of the most pleasant touristic regions of France. We are widely using this area during the fly fishing season, but autumn and winter are really worth the visit also. Wild-boar and woodcock days are designed for 1 or 2 hunters. Partridge and pheasant rough shooting days can be organized for small groups.


Around the river Dordogne...

Touring in the Périgord

The Périgord is a region that each francophile should have visited at least one time. After this first visit, many of the foreign visitors have purchased a holiday house. There is a special douceur de vivre in the Périgord found nowhere else. Each site is an enchantment, and the food is gorgeous. Our hunting spots are situated between the nicest towns on the bank of the Dordogne. In the backcountry nearby are found Sarlat, Collonges la rouge and Lascaux. You can click here to open a very interesting website about the caves of Lascaux.

Landscapes The Dordogne is a big scenic river. Each town is a jewel. The valley is bordered by meadows and century old walnut orchards, and surrounded by rocky wooded hills. The climate is dry and warm.

La gastronomie du Périgord starring locally produced foie gras, truffles and Monbazillac, is a major contributor to the worldwide reputation of the French cuisine. In the fall and winter wild mushrooms and game are widely present on the tables.


Rough shooting over dogs on partridge & pheasant

Including license, insurance, guide with dogs, shotgun, lunch and set up fees

1st day 1 hunter 638 euros - 2nd hunter 306 euros

2nd day 1 hunter 402 euros - 2nd hunter 186 euros


Guided day on woodcock with pointers

Including license, insurance, guide with dogs, shotgun, lunch and set up fees

1st day 1 hunter 533 euros - 2nd hunter 300 euros

2nd day 1 hunter 350 euros - 2nd hunter 180 euros

Hound driven wild-board session

Price on request

Selected Accomodations

A- Guest house -B- Quaint hotel -C- Deluxe château hotel

Average price for a double room at

-A- 40 euros -B- 60 euros -C- 150 euros -

Images of the surrounding...

Typical Perigord houses

or hidden watermill

Abbeys and villages on the bank of the wideDordogne river

Old villages...

with nice sunny markets to shop for a picnic

Bed and breakfast near the Dordogne

Redlegged partridge on sunny days

pheasant later in the winter

wild boar



Hunting in the Périgord - Rough situation map

Our proposals are roughly situated...

...around the spot nbr # 4 of this map.

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