Gourmet hiking...
France & Spain

on the way to Sancerre...

A healthy journey across the nicest landscapes in the French countryside

Designed for 1 to 4 persons these tours are an original way to visit on foot, the famous France profound countryside. The principle is very simple: Choose the region and tell me how many days you have. We will fix the route and choose the hotels together. Each day, we will wake up and have breakfast in a given town or village and we'll dine and sleep in another one, like deluxe Gipsies. Each morning, we will leave together by car and I will drop you at the place where you will start walking across vineyards, forests, or along a river, a cliff, whatever... I will keep the car, with all the luggage etc... so you'll only walk freely with a light heart, a walking stick and a smile on your face. During your morning hike, I will take care of the picnic shopping and I'll join you later at a nice meeting point, with table, seats, cool drinks, hot coffee and gourmet food. In the afternoon, it will be just your choice to take a nap, walk more, use the car to drive to a winery, a chateau, even a musum ! why not ...

What is the budget ? Hotels and food at cost (If luxury places can be found, country hotels are often nice and fairly inexpensive, around 75 euros per night in a double room).
For 1 to 3 persons, the price of my own service is: 330 euros for the organization & 330 euros per day out + travel expenses at cost. Minimum two days. For 4 persons, add 200 euros for the use of a larger 4x4 vehicle.

My car. "Parking chasseurs" means hunter's car park ! If it is sometimes possible to add a bit of hunting or fishing to these trips, we will always see and talk about the things that hunters and fishermen like. 

Suggested regions : The Loire region. Normandy from Etretat to Omaha beach. The vineyards of Bordeaux, Burgundy. La Rioja in Spain. The Pyrenees from the Basque region to Aragon. Alps & Jura. The wild Provence. And virtually, all the regions described in our hunting and fly fishing pages.  

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