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Le Cotentin

This part of Normandy named Le Cotentin is hosting the Mont Saint Michel, the battlefields of the 6th June 1944 D-Day, the tapestry of Bayeux, oyster bays & great seafood. Roughshooting over dogs for partridge, pheasant, snipe and the occasional woodcock is an excellent winter reason to visit this part of Normandy.

Le Mont Saint Michel

There is an important circulation of waterfowl between the Bay des Veys and the Bay of the Mont Saint Michel.

Rough shooting in the Normandy region of Cotentin

Meeting in front of the beautiful farmhouse in the morning of Nov 17th 2003

Everybody is a bit anxious. At the very moment we will start hunting, in Australia, will also start the final match for the 2003 rugby world cup. France plays against England...

The French team -of beaters- seems rather confident...

Despite the crucial issue, the hunt must go on. Hopefully, the dogs do not care

England has won the cup this morning ! Our English guests can fully enjoy their lunch...

Example of price

1 night 1 days roughshooting in the Normandy region of Cotentin - For 8 guns & 6 spouses - including dinner & rooms the night before, morning duck & snipe flighting, strong countryside breakfast, lunch, shotguns & cartridges, dogs & masters, 6 hunter's licenses & insurance, partidge & pheasant roughshooting for a bag of around 30 birds.

Average price 3350 euros


The famous tapestry of Bayeux must be visited

1944 - 2004

American cemetary of Colleville sur Mer

.Le Mont Saint Michel

The Mont Saint Michel


The surroundings of the bay are reputed for the lambs grazing on "salted" meadows and for the oysters. Cancale is one of the best production center for oysters in France. In Cancale is found the Guide Michelin rouge awarded Maison Bricourt, but a full lot of simplest but delicious houses is available.

Traditional inn owner and keen chef with salmon angler (The chef is also a salmon angler, un vieux saumonnier). Good rooms, all kinds of excellent menus, outsdanding good value table. A wonderful place to stay.

salmon fishing

Salmon of the river Sélune

On the river la Sélune,


View of the Mont Saint Michel from the salted meadows (les prés salés)

Le Mont Saint Michel

Kitchen of the restaurant La Mère Poulard