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Riding to hounds...

Chasse à courre

Vènerie à la française

Music is played at all stages of the hunt with a similar looking horn named Trompe en ré

France is proud of its very ancient and rich hunting and riding traditions. French hunters can also be proud of their wonderful breeds of hounds. And is proud to offer you to discover this full world of curiosities and field pleasures...


From September to March,

Stag hunts meet twice a week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays & Saturdays - Boar, roe deer and hare hunts are sometimes given on Sundays, and other week days.


Normandy - Region of the Loire châteaux - Burgundy - Médoc (near Bordeaux not far from the famous vineyards) & Provence.

Red deer Stag, Roe deer, Wild-boar & Hare

Foxes are hunted in France, but there is no fox hunting similar to those of English tradition


Hunting packages

Hunting trips can be organized for small groups and individuals at different budgets depending on the class of accommodation and whether visitors want to ride horses or merely follow

RATES 2015

One days hunting on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday

Countryside inn accommodation
Packages starting at 620 euros per hunter based on 2 nights double occupancy at a quaint country inn "auberge" or guest house & 1 days accompanied stag or roe-deer hunting, including 2 horses & forest picnic. Loire Sologne region only.

Château accommodation
Packaged starting at 720 euros per hunter based on double occupancy of the room, for 2 nights "au château", & 1 days accompanied stag or roe-deer hunting, including 2 horses & forest picnic. In Normandy or in the Loire Sologne region.

Week programs from Tuesday to Sunday

If you prefer a longer experience, we can build week programs as follows - Arrival on Monday afternoon to hunt on Tuesday, or on Tuesday afternoon to hunt on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be "hunting days off" that can be occupied simply resting ! or sightseeing or shooting. There will be a stag hunt on the Saturday, and you will leave on Sunday morning, except if you wish to add a hare or roe-deer hunt that Sunday and leave on Monday morning


Hunting scenes

There are differences between hunting in France and fox hunting as usually known in England, Ireland and the United States. The first difference is the setting. When most fox hunts run across open fields and meadows with hedges, the French hunts are usually given in deep forests. French hunters, are primarily interested by the work of the hounds, then by the spectacle of the forest and the big animals that can be seen during the hunt. Riding has not a lot of importance, no special skills are required, especially it is very rare to jump during a French hunt. What is required is a bit of endurance... and good mood !

The woodmen getting the comfort of a fire in the early morning.

The meet and report to the master. A British visitor is introduced to the "équipage".

Before all, the game keepers will be reporting about the huntable animals of the day 

The huntsman is getting ready

The French hunts are also appreciated by charming young ladies

Marc & Rebecca from the Arapahoe Hunt Co. - France trip 2004

Red deer is the most representative quarry. Only the stags are hunted 

The hunt is starting

The pack will be put on the track of the chosen stag. 

Hunters follow by all sorts of means.


Or take a moment moment to open the picnic hampers. 

A tradition quickly adopted by foreign visitors...

and sometimes by hounds !

That makes everybody feel much better !.

The followers are very picturesque and all have a sensible theory about the hunt going on

There is lot of simple joys to be appreciated there.

Ann (from Oklahoma)  is a living example.

But back in action ! The most serious followers have seen something jumping an alley.

It would have needed a better photographer than me, but the stag has jumped over there..

Soon followed by a nice boar (safe though as he is not hunted today).

The stag has covered a long distance sometimes trying the water to escape.

But the pack is used to that sort of tricks, and the noble stag has fallen..

Everybody rides back to the vans....

... and all styles of trucks and cars.

are used to drive back to the meet left quite far behind sometimes after a long hunt...

En route !!!

Master and huntsman are counting the dogs already here and those still missing.

And the stag's death ceremony can start..

As the winter sun sets behind the woods.

The hounds will be feasting on their deserved reward.

Consisting in the entrails and carcasses of the stag.

The "honor of the foot", granted to Mary, (MFH,  M&SSH)

And it will be time for a rest and a cup of champagne in front of the fireplace.

until the moment to load the car again for new adventures...

Posted signs warning car drivers against big game crossing on forest roads

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