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Fly fishing the chalk stream "Andelle"

Thank you for visiting - Since 1998, we have been arranging French sporting breaks for foreign visitors mostly coming from the USA & England. Others to our surprise and great pleasure came from varied and sometimes very remote countries like South-Africa, Australia, Canada, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Japan, New Zealand, Iceland, Argentina, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Israël, Greece, Scotland, Ireland, Cyprus & India. Welcome &  Thanks to  all of you  ! is a French organization but this website is in English. Japanese flyfishermen have their own presentation in Japanese. Español presentacion de nuestras cacerias
Dansk Jagt og fluefiskeri i Frankrig eller Spanien. is the foremost provider of customized countryside itineraries & offers the widest choice of sporting activities in France. See :

Fly fishing
France, Spain and other European countries visited from the riversides. The great classic of  Go fly fishing

Field sports
Shooting & Hunting all over France, all birds and big game. Field sports are autumn & winter activities par excellence.  Go afield in France

Gourmet relax hiking
Designed for 1 to 4 persons, a relax concept to visit the country with point to point walks, cut by gourmet picnics. The best way to really explore off the beaten paths  See how it goes

Translation of Sporting Books
Awarded by the Prix François Sommer 2013
at the House & Museum of Hunting & Nature in Paris
I am extremely proud to have been chosen by a major French publishing company and my friend Jim Fergus to translate into French his wonderful non fiction best sellers: "A Hunters Road" & "The Sporting Road". If you're a writer, why not trying to be published here.  
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Your host Nick in the Forest of Orléans - Courtesy of John Webber

American field writers have their say about Nick & Gourmetfly. . .

Jim Fergus

"There is no country in the world with a more venerable tradition of fly fishing than France, and no more elegant fishing experience available than that provided by Nick. And in addition to fine fishing in beautiful countryside, I'll put Nick's streamside picnic lunch up against that of any other outfitter on earth."

Jim Fergus has been a Field Editor and monthly columnist for Outdoor Life and Sports Afield. His work has appeared in numerous sporting publications, including Fly Fisherman, Esquire Sportsman, and Gray's Sporting Journal. He is the author of two noted nonfiction books on the outdoor life, A Hunter's Road, and The Sporting Road, as well as two novels, "One thousand white women" and "The wild girl"

Guy de la Valdène

"Whenever I am in France I make a point of fishing or hunting with Nick who has an impressive repertoire of facts relating to the French countryside, trout fishing and woodcock hunting. He hunts over a great French Brittany spaniel and is as charming as only a Frenchman can be. You will not be disappointed".

Guy de la Valdène is a lifelong hunter and wild-game gourmet, who has traveled the globe on expeditions with world class sportsmen, Guy lives on an 800 acres farm outside Talahassee. He is the author of two nonfiction books on American gamebirds, Making game, an essay on woodcock, and For a handful of feathers, the complete treatise about bobwhite quail. Guy has also published the novel Red Stag. The Fragrance of grass is an essay and history of Hungarian partridge in north America. His much waited fishing memoir "On the water" has been published in 2015 . Guy has also released, with his late in law Christian Odasso, the most amazing fishing film when they pioneered tarpon fly fishing in Key West in the 70's. "TARPON" costarring Tom McGuane, Jim Harrison, Richard Brautigan, music of Jimmy Buffet. 

Mark D. Williams 

There are giveaways, tells to an outdoorsman. The way his eyes are searching, always looking off in the distance, the paced effortless walk, the attention to detail or at least the details that need attention, a treasury of stories and facts, grace around a camp and a contented heart. That’s Nick. He elegantly fits in the woods and on the rivers of France as much as woodocks and farios.  Nick provides an outdoors experience not to be missed. He knows more about trout fishing western Europe than anyone else I know. 


Mark D. Williams has written five books including the Trout Fishing Sourcebook and Freshwater Tips from the Pros, and has written on the outdoors, travel and team sports for numerous magazines and newspapers over the years including SPORT, Men's Health, Backpacker, ESPN and Dallas Morning News.  He is currently finishing up his latest book, Where in the World to Fish: 1001 of the Greatest Places on Earth to Fish, for Harper Collins (and Nick makes a few appearances in the book, by the way.) 


Hélas ! No word posted by Ernest Hemingway ! Just a word about him... and me. This website was launched for the centennial of his birthday as a tribute to a great way of life, an amazing talent to find the world's outstanding places and a unique capacity to enjoy the simple pleasures of the outdoors everywhere. No one better than him knew how to just sit on a flat rock by the river and make the sharing of a refreshing wine sip a memorable moment. Hemingway would have been 100 years old on Jul 21st 1999. 


Ernest M. Hemingway has written several books featuring fishing or hunting scenes in Europe. He fished the Irati near Pamplona in The Sun also rises, and shot ducks near Venice in Across the river and into the trees. Hemingway & son Jack (Bumby in the Moveable feast) were members of the Fario-Club created by Charles C. Ritz in the 50's. Most of his favorite places like the Cafe Iruña in Pamplona, Botin in Madrid, La Pepica in Valencia, the Closerie des Lilas in Paris or the Harry's Bar in Venice remain places of pilgrimage and emotion.

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"Chilling champagne in the river Andelle" by Marc Patoile, from Colorado

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