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The region of Aubrac is offering some of the most astonishing landscapes in our country. This region is rather secluded, really off the beaten paths. It is a small effort to get there, but much rewarded. You will find a unique quaint sporting hotel -owned by a unique flyfishing character. Wonderful rustic gastronomy neighbouring the table of michel Bras, rated 6th best restaurant in the world. Beautiful streams crossed by the pilgrim's way to Compostella. You will come back with incredible memories and very likely also with the folding knife you've always dreamed of...

The Plateau of Aubrac is cut by pristine streams 

The old Aubrac breed is a great contributor to the local gastronomy

my last trip there was for the opening of the quail season

the villages are built with volcanic and granite stones

in the village of my favorite hotel 

the rugged 4 x 4 of our fishing guide, is waiting to take you

in the hotel, the dining room looks like a small fishing museum

here old reels...

there creels and framed flies

and at the bar, a very "couleur locale" clientèle of anglers and workers

the little towns offer countless cultural curiosities

And unusual delicacies. For instance, there is a sort of worldwide fan club of the dry sausage made by "Monsieur Conquet"

these breads will  accompany the famous "saucisson" and an excellent cheese

for a nice riverside break

don't forget your knife. The town of Laguiole gave its name to...

 the most famous folding knife in the world. There are dozens of workshops

 the "Maison Calmels" was founded in 1829, their knives are only sold here in Laguiole.
There are no distributors in Paris and nowhere else.

probably a holly tree hiding old legends

you will discover amazing little restaurants, lost in the country

like the famous "Rosalie" providing also bread to pilgrims to Santiago de Compostella

arriving here across forests and moors from "Le Puy en Velay".

following landmarks like this old cross

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