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Massif Central


Buron on the plateau de l'Aubrac

The "burons" are little stone huts covered with lauzes, where shepherds prepare the cheese of Laguiole


One of our favorite venues and own favorite destination for a pure fly fishing holiday. The hotel owner himself is a masterpiece of the French fly fishing. Of course his hotel is a reflection of his loves and addictions (the dining room is a small Aubrac fly fishing museum). This place offers prime rivers, good country life, good rest, good "solid" meals in the sheer tradition and always memorable (fishing) chats around a glass after dinner.


The nearest big city is Clermont-Ferrand (1 hour). Paris is at approx 600 kms. Access by car -rather easy- on highways. Otherwise, train or airplane to Clermont Ferrand. L'Aubrac is quite a remote place, not really on the way between two "usual" places.

The tiles are flat stones called lauzes

Fly fishing

Fishing on public & private hotel stretches perfectly managed by the local fishers society. More than 80 miles of strectches are offered within rather short distance. Fishing period for trout on dry flies from mid or late May to September 20th.

We fish mainly -if not only- brown trout. Rivers flow on peat and granite river beds. Wetfly and nymphs can be used before good hatches. Wetfly was a traditional fishing style of the area long, long before fly fishing became anything trendy.

appealing river of the Cantal


Our hotel is set in the heart of a small town with plenty of medieval heritage. In a wider circle there are other villages, impressive landscapes of Aubrac and forests of Margeride. One stunning castle once described as the Versailles of the Gévaudan ! And the town of Laguiole dedicated to the famed pocket knives and beef gastronomie


The food at the hotel is just perfect. To complete your Aubrac culture we know a couple of other astonishing tables. There is also a 3stars Michelin in Laguiole - Michel Bras - rated 6th best restaurant in the world in2006. We will be very pleased to make any reservation for you.

towns pretty much looking like they did during the Middle ages

Spa waters

The hot waters of la Chaldette boast of an excellent reputation for relaxation, fitness and so on. It is a sensible idea for non fishers but I know some sportsmen who would need that sort of things.

 river at dusk


Our selection of accomodations - Massif Central - Aubrac -

My favourite hotel, offers classic country accommodation, and also has a small luxury restored mansion.

Average budget for a classic double room, 65 euros - or Small luxury mansion at 150 euros 


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