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The Region of Béarn

Trout & Salmon fishing in the French Pyrenees

Pre war salmon anglers, catches of a single (good) day

Salmon fishing in the Pyrenees

The Béarn region of the Pyrenees offers a great diversity of fishing landscapes. From the high peak of Orhy to the low valley of the Gave d'Oloron all kind of torrents, mountain streams and salmon rivers can be found. The "Gave" is an impressive emerald green powerful wide river with the snowy Pyrenees making the background decor. Until the early 50's the region was visited by international salmon anglers like Iceland or Russia today. The salmon runs are no longer what they were but a few specialists make nice catches every year. A challenging experience for the visitor...There is still a sort of "world championship" organized in Sauveterre.

The old bridge's pool in Sauveterre

Salmon pictures & Foie Gras jars


From Paris, approx 750km. Access directly by car or better by train to Bayonne or plane to Biarritz or Pau. Nearest Big city, Pau 40km, Bayonne 70km.


The villages and riverbank market towns around the Basque mountains and Béarn valleys are fantastic places to visit. We have many recommended addresses of little picturesque and unforgettable restaurants. You may also visit vineyards or cellars at Jurançon or Irouléguy.


There are miles of stretches for trout & salmon. Fishing period for trout from mid- March to mid-September. Hope of first dry fly fishing starting by mid-April. For international standards salmon permits are rather inexpensive. Salmon is fished on special days, from April to a flexible closing date determined when the quota of catches has been reached.

Fly shop dedicated to the King of fish ! (the salmon here)

Lemon Grey

Old time's queen fly for the Gave d'Oloron

Fishing Guides
We have a very good team of local professional fishing guides to increase your chances of success.

June 18th 2002 - 5.15 pm - Monumento al Gran Maestro Pescador de Salmones - Fully Orvis equipped, Jean Jacques Orzan and a beautiful 87 cm, 12 lbs salmon caught at the Bac d'Aren, on the Gave d'Oloron.

A traditionnal Hotel in Béarn

The "quaint" Hotel is an old distinguished house on a little place of a small charming town. The town itself offers attractive shopping. In front of your hotel are two of the best "charcuteries" in France, making world class dry ham "Jambon de Bayonne", pâté, saucissons, hot and cold dishes... everything to spend a great day out including stunning Cuban cigars manufactured locally ! There is also a very nice fly shop is in the same street.

Images of the Béarn

Nice quiet streets

Bike rental (soon)

B&B in the local style

Famous trout stream

View to the valley from pigeon hunting blinds

The sheeps and...

...the shepherds are great contributors to the local quality of life

Your fishing guide (right) is very skilled to introduce you to the local life...

and stories

and great (remote) small bistros and inns with welcoming owners

Like here at the Bistro & Church

Of  Sainte Engrâce

Mountain stream and farm in the slope

"Fronton" to play traditional Basque ball games

The "Aubisque" famous slope of the "Tour de France"

To show you that this is real mountain" ! (Photo Daniel Arbacette)

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