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Deep Countryside and Mountain Venues

The Black Forest of Germany


The Black Forest is one of the most scenic regions of Germany. One of the favorite destinations for a perfect nature break. The region is located near the French border roughly at the level of Strasbourg. The place we recommend needs around 1 hour drive from Strasbourg. If trout & grayling fishing on the local rivers is really pleasant, the spot is also recommended to anglers willing to truly offer a wonderful holiday to their wives. We operate this region from a luxury hotel featuring 3 gourmet restaurants -and the world's most impressive breakfast and high tea buffet- spas and a sea water swimming pool with waves, beauty, health and relaxing programs, guided forest walks and many other activities or sports such as golf, tennis, or horse riding. 

The forest is the setting of wondeful walks

Germany has much to offer to thirsty and hungry sportsmen

Houses and villages are well kept in the authentic traditional style

The peaceful view from the hotel rooms and the chairs for a rest in the sun

Fly fishing is for trout & grayling. For the pleasure of the traveling angler,
the Germans are very concerned about respecting the environment.


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