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Northern Brittany
Northern seashore


The Armor Cornouaille seashore is an incredible assembly of rocky coast, sand beaches, old market towns and superb trout and salmon rivers. In this area, we are offering a very nice B&B manor as well as a château hotel. Both boast of easy access to the scenic salmon pools and to the impressive seashore of the north coast. From there, you can fish trout, salmon & seabass from the seashore. And also large rainbow trout in reservoir lakes in the great scenery of the Monts d'Arrée.

Trout & salmon stream of northern Brittany

Fishing details for salmon:

Salmon in Brittany is mostly fished from the banks. Wearing chest waders is better, but many locals just fish from banks in low boots. Local fishers use both Spey type two handed rods or powerwul single hand rods around 10"feet. Floating line or sinking tip 6, 7, 8. Brittany salmon flies are often small like #8 or #10 sometimes.September & October grilse are smaller than the spring salmon. 5lb would be the average, but some are bigger. No salmon fishing on Tuesdays & Fridays. Season: Springers are open from April to mid July or earlier if the total allowed salmon were caught.Grilse are fished from Sept 15th to Mid or late October. (There are a few exceptions where no kill fishing remains possible in July and August.

Old Brittany flies said Mouches paysannes bretonnes
The Fly of Henri Clerc: Body traditionnally uses wild boar underfur ribbed with copper. 
Wings are fibers of peacock hen.

The mill (Milin) of Losser famous salmon pool


From Saint Malo et Dinard to the Pointe Saint Mathieu (near Brest), and the Island of Ouessant, the northern seashore of Brittany boasts of countless wonderful places to spend a holiday. We have selected two of them, mainly for the outstanding quality of the accomodations. Two wonderful hotels. The first one is a manor B&B on seaside, and the second is an authentic castle in the vicinity of the best salmon beats of the area.

Landmarks on the river you will fish...

Kastell Kergrist

New mill house - Milin nevez

Medieval castle above...

...famous salmon pool right underneith. 
The step of the castle's former mill pond.

French Brittanies

Brittany is the birthland of the famous Epagneul breton- The best breeders are found around the little town of Callac. We will be pleased to arrange any visit to a top breeder kennel and maybe also help you import a puppy to your country. More on Brittany page 2.

Kennel "de Cornouaille" - Famille Bourdon .

Un peu de tourisme...

old streets of Guingamp...

...or Dinan

Breton aristocratic architecture

Skilled maître d'hôtel preparing a grilled John Dory

or mussels at my favourite fish restaurant in Saint Malo.

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NB: This region of Brittany's northern seashore can be combined with the inland part described on page 2.