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With this cooking class directory you can find all details and contact alone the different schools. If  you wish to save time and efforts we will be delighted to do this for you. Email us to inquire about the possibilities of joining a group or putting up your own group, and build your trip around the cooking classes. We can also organize sporting activities around such as golf, fly fishing, clay birds shooting from May to September or hunting in the winter. Minimum service charge 82 euros.

Cooking schools in Normandy & in the Loire Valley

We can organize our "Game pâté" class in a manor on the Risle river, near Pont Audemer. See our terrine & pâtés section.

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Sinéad's Wilde Kitchen

An Irish foodie (Sinéad), in love with Normandy, invites you to discover how the French 'live' the entire food experience. The Wilde Kitchen is at 18 kms in the south of Cherbourg, and 5kms from the coast.

"On Rue Tatin" by Susan H. Loomis

On Rue Tatin is so much more than just a cooking school. It is a unique and hand-tailored opportunity for you to get inside a world of fine food and ingredients and warm, talented, and generous people. When you come to spend five days with me, you get an inside look at France with all of its quality and richness, its old-world quality, and its youthful dynamism.

And also...

Near the Loire châteaux, stay and cook at domaine des hauts de Loire

In Bayeux J. Gallais

Philippe Legendre personal family chef of my friend Guy de la Valdene, gives private lessons in English

And a very original new concept...

A young chef awarded recently by his first Michelin star. An old manor near a picturesque market town on the north bank of the lower Seine. Sixteen guests each day can dine or have lunch in the kitchen, in front of the chef and his brigade at work. In other words you are here to watch them cook while enjoying your meal.

Sophie Dudemaine

Does it still exist ? In Jan 2016 her website seems to have changed ! and Sophie is on facebook but does not answer the inquiries... the description was: "In a nice village near Pont-Lévèque in the backcountry of Deauville & Trouville. Countryside guest house with cooking school and several other activities especially for young children. Sophie who is a French culinary TV star,  is the world's foremost specialist of what we call here "cakes". Originally, "cake" in French describes British style fruit cake but Sophie has invented dozens of smart and delicious variations to be used as fingertip dishes or desserts".


An invitation to Normandy...

Le Pays d'Auge

Le Pays d'Auge is the backcountry of the famous seashore towns of Honfleur, Deauville and Trouville. It takes like two small hours to come from Paris. This is the production region of the cheese stars Camembert, Pont-Lévèque & Livarot), and here also are distilled the best calvados apple brandies.

A swan exploring the Risle

Normandy is a paradise for the cheese amateur

Honfleur & Deauville

Parisians love Deauville, Trouville and Honfleur for different reasons. Deauville is an elegant resort offering beaches, golf courses, horse races, casinos and palace hotels. Trouville is more the place to find good restaurants, serving seafood in front of the fishers market. Honfleur is an old small harbor visited for the many antique shops and art galleries found in the narrow streets, and for the pleasure of a drink at a café of the old port.

Port of Honfleur

The port of Honfleur

Shrimp fisher boat and nets

On the picture the walls of the old houses may look dark. They are nicely and fully covered of slate to protect the wood constructions against salty sea winds and rains of the winter storms. Most of the buildings are very old. The clear one on the right is the former salt cellar (grenier à sel), now a town museum.

The port of Honfleur

Great seafood dinner in Trouville

and palace breakfast in Deauville...

The mill of Aclou on the river La Risle

Pont-Audemer does not claim to be the Venice, of Normandy but is clearly built on water


Gastronomie normande

Calvados distilleries, but also cider and cheese farms (1) can be visited at several places on the vallée de la Touques. Of course it is possible to take away what you like. The label beside is from a distillery on the river Touques very near some of the best sea trout stretches.

(1) For camembert, pont-lévèque and livarot best traditional quality cheese said AOC Pays d'Auge & fermier .

Manor in the valley of la Touques

cows patiently preparing cheese !

Market day in Pont-Audemer


The Cotentin region of Normandy

In the Cotentin are found many highlights of Normandy. The Mont Saint Michel, the battlefields of the 6th June 1944 D-Day, The tapestry of Bayeux. Oyster bays & great seafood.

The famous tapestry of Bayeux

6th June 19944 - American cemetery of Colleville sur Mer

Le Mont Saint Michel

Le Mont Saint Michel

Salmon of the river Sélune

Inn owner and salmon angler

Le Mont Saint Michel

The Mont Saint Michel from the "salted meadows" reputed to give a wonderful taste to lambs

Kitchen of the restaurant La Mère Poulard


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