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In the French farms, pigs were tradionally slaughtered in the winter to produce good food to last possibly until the next winter. Beside the compulsary hams, boudins or sausages, some of the meat was preserved in glass jars or tins in the shape of "pâtés". The winter time was also sometimes offering abundant game and the idea came naturally to make pâtés mixing pork and wild boar, deer, birds or hare. Hunters or hunter's wife confronted to a surplus of pheasant, ducks or deer, should think of making game pâtés. This will clear up the freezer and will put on the shelves ready to use delicacies perfect for snacks, picnics or unexpected visiting friends.

Game pâté cooking classes

You will learn how to make very simple or sophisticated fresh terrines and preserved jars. How to assemble he tdifferent meats that will match well together. How to add foie gras for a fancier version. How to control the proportions of salt, spices and herbs. How to obtain a nice good tasting meat jelly around your pâté. How to make make nice variants from the same base, playing on different brandies, incorporating dry fruits or wild mushrooms. How to buy, use and preserve the different jars available on the market.

Schedule & Location

The classes will take place over a big half day (morning (is best) or afternoon at your best convenience). A terrine & cheese lunch will be served at the end. Classes are given in the countryside near Paris, (38 minutes train ride from Paris Montparnasse). Check our Facebook page, find the album "Game pâté cooking class" for the atmosphere and the album "Montfort & Neuville" for the general setting.


The price is 300 euros for 1 to 4 persons attending (300 euros in total not per person). For a session in a more remote countryside like Normandy or the Loire region, we will make a special quotation based on the size of your group and the duration of your stay.

Basic & classic, game "pâté" recipe 
in pictures

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