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(Small) Hunting event in France

Picking up of "Daou de Cornouaille" EBM, at Hervé Bourdon's in Bulad-Pestivien  near Callac in Brittany, on Jan 8th 2009 

The beast ! Born Oct 6th, 2008.

The beast ! (side view)

Farewell to the sisters

Departure sorrows...

A quick demonstration of hunting skills

Meeting the new master

The deal is closed...

En route with new friend Bobby...

Winter days in Brittany...

Forêt de Coat an Noz (the forest of the night), in the snow

Hervé Bourdon, the famed breeder

My brother and Hervé hunting woodcock in "no-kill"

Hunting woodcock & snipe is closed for prolungated negative temperatures.

woodcock tracks can be followed on the ground

A nice point is taken by Bobby (left) & one of Hervé's Brittanies (right)

gone through these marshy woods...

Debriefing by experts !

Callac, capitale (mondiale) de l'épagneul breton.

Agur ! (Hello in Basque)
The following pictures were shot at the picturesque Basco-Breton restaurant of Peïo y Helena,
the "Bakea" - Auberge Basque of Callac

Hervé with a woodcock fresco in the background...

representing woodcock and Brittanies in the Monts d'Arrée

Maestro Peïo (friend of Mssrs Brana & Guilhemjouan )

Very picturesque wall decoration in the bistro

Mixing Breton and Basque traditions...

Hervé Bourdon's website

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