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Fishing in Brittany

Sea bass off Dinard, Saint Malo...

Sea bass fishing in Brittany...

One of our Breton friends is an excellent salt water fishing guide working mainly from his boat in front of Dinard and Saint Malo. The landscapes of the so called "esmerald coast" are often breathtaking and heart-touching. This is a very lively sea with lots of islands, reefs. And of course a lot of fish. The beauty of this, is that you're taken on a small insubmersible like if it was yours, there is only you and a friend or your son, and your guide. No crowd of other anglers like on most charters, no sunbathing or anything like this, just pure fishing.  Fish species !, The king fish over here is the sea bass, but large pollack may be caught as well as several other carnivorous like, sea bream, mackerel, etc... Techniques: If fly rods are sometimes used on shallow spots, most of the fishing will be with lures on light tackle (no bait fishing either). Please contact us by email to put a price on your project. And in the meantime, see below the atmosphere of a nice days fishing, off Saint-Malo.

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