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Roe deer (chevreuil)


From June to October for individual stalking.


We mainly handle hunts in Normandy within an hour or so from Paris, but we can arrange roebuck stalking in many regions of France, like near Bordeaux, or in the mountains of the Alps and in Alsace.


Chevreuil - Capreolus, capreolus.

Hunting roebuck in France -

Stalking is the only technique used between June and September. Later in the year the roebuck is hunted at mixed species driven big game days along with deer and wild boars.


The price of a roebuck is ranging from 150 to 2300 euros, with an average of 750 euros for a good trophy. An all inclusive guided session including hunter's license, forest picnic, and an average good buck is around 1200 euros.

Bow & Arrow

The same programs are available with bow & arrow instead of rifles

Roebuck stalking & Fly fishing !!!
From June to September, very nice combined programs can be arranged near our chalk-stream rivers in Normandy. Dawn and morning are spent roe-deer stalking. After a lunch and a nap, the evening can be spent fly fishing for brown trout and grayling.

Etude chevreuil (roebuck), griffons, beagles, lièvre (hare) et sanglier (wild boar) 
by François Lebert

Roebuck stalking in September

Later in season roe-deers are also hunted at..

mixed driven big game days
along with deer and wild boars.


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