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An invitation to world class driven shoots in France

An elegant shooting day in France....

France offers a superb choice of shooting opportunities with prime setting and premises with full service. The pictures below need no comment (just one clue, the guy in corduroy with a funny cap is a typical French game-keeper). Simply follow the day from the arrival in the village in the morning to the dinner ending a classic day afield in the French countryside. The chateau where guests will find bar and dining room is surrounded by typical old agricultural buildings and barns. Hunters are taken to the shoots by military jeeps or old GMC's. The season starts with gray and redlegged partidge. (In the US, one would say, Hungarian and Spanish... in the UK it would be said partridge and French partridge... here we simply say Grey & Red as perdreau gris et perdreau rouge). When the trees start loosing their leaves, the season continues on pheasant. Some shoots offer the long tailed fast flying Reeve's pheasant (faisan vénéré). One of my American friends calls them "teflon coated faison" as they are so easily missed. The 4 or 5 feet long tail is often confusing the best shots... We will send an offer on simple request. Shoots can be organized in the country with accommodation or as day trips from Paris within less than 1 hour drive from the city.

Now you're arriving in a village by a cold winter morning....


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