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Hunting in France

Duck hunting in the regions of Normandy, Picardy & Sologne (Loire Valley)

The duck season opens around the middle of August with regional variations. There are two very different ways to hunt ducks in France. One consist in hunting the "resident" mallards living on lakes or ponds of inland France. The other way  is targetting the migrating species moving from far north (Russia or Scandinavia), to far south (Africa), between July and November. We are hunting "resident mallard" mainly in the Loire valley and Sologne region and the "long range travelers" on the shoreline marshes of Normandy  & Picardy.  Normandy is suitable for a day trip from Paris. We will make a priced offer on your simple request. Take a moment to discover the world in itself represented by duck hunting in the seaside marshes of Normandy & Picardy.

6 Sept 2007

Continued in Normandy & Picardy.