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Hunting in Provence

and in the south of France

The different hunts that can be organized for visitors are the following:

1/ Big game stalking: Individual hunt with guide. Chamois or Mufflon stalking in the southern Alps in the backcountry of Nice or around the upper Verdon.

2/ Driven Boar hunts with hounds. group hunts, typical hunt in the hills and scrublands of the south of France.As per pictures on the other Provence page.

3/ Birds shooting: Individual hunt with guide and dogs. Redlegged partridge over pointing dogs.

Street in the village of la Cadière d'Azur

From early September to early January.

La tête de Paradis - Massif de la Sainte Baume...

Just as an (old) example. Hunting in Provence - Prices in 2006 -

Rough shooting

Region of Aix en Provence

1st Hunter or hunter alone 528 euros per day - 296 euros for a 2nd or 3rd hunter. The price includes your license, a days shooting expecting a bag of 8 to 10 birds, a guide with pointing dogs, breakfast & lunch, and the overall organization by, 270 euros for each extra day ordered at the same time within the period of 9 days validity of the license (175 euros for a 2nd or 3rd hunter). Accommodation near the shoot can be arranged.

Under a "baou" in the forêt des Morières


Wild Boar hunting

Region of Aix en Provence

500 euros per hunter for the 1st day - compulsory group of 4 hunters. The price includes your license, a days shooting expecting to shoot 1 wild boar, a master with a small pack of local hounds, breakfast & lunch, and the overall organization by, 350 euros per hunter for a 2nd day - compulsory group of 4 hunters- ordered at the same time within the period of 9 days validity of the license. Accommodation near the shoot can be arranged.


The fragrance of Provence...

One thing you will undoubtedly remember of Provence is the multitude of fragrances met everywhere. Provence is very "visual" and painters have been able to give an idea of it. Authors like Peter Mayle have proved they were able to describe it with words.... even in English !. But, everything has its fragrance and many things have a sound, this is only a personal feeling. It will be noticed by everyone walking the street markets and village's little places. Fruit and flowers smells, cicada's song, voices of the boule de pétanque players, perfume of the plane trees shadow.

It will certainly create a good memory, but it could not compare with what a hunter will bring back from the hills. They're made of red earth with white boulders and deep covert most often under a "big sky" and a scented wind. Scented because this covert is unique, it looks like a good cuisine recipe: Thyme, rosemary, juniper, savory... The legend says that old Provençal hunters would pay a poacher three or four times the normal price for a hare of these hills rather than buying some "rubbish from the North" at the market ! Even the boars smell something (wild but) between crushed walnut leaves, thyme and hazels.

The Provençal is a funny man. At hunt, he is a bit like our "Last Mohawk" ! You must see him disappearing without a noise inside the scrublands.If you happen to speak French, you will realize that even his language is totally different. But don't pay attention if he tells you things like "You'll wait for me up there. Follow that path, turn at the white rock and you'll see at the end, there's a pine tree". You are inside an ocean of hills.... there are thousands of "white rocks" and a bit more "pine trees" ! Don't be confused, he is not making a bad joke on you. He simply is like this. Don't worry, just go, sit down when you want, enjoy life and forget time. He'll find you when he comes back... Fan de chichourle !"


Croquefigue 1962

Boar hunters with Ariègeois hounds.

And their sons in 2003.

Local hounds for wild boar

Provence wild boar hunters... in action ! (after the hunt)

Hunter's cabin "cabanon", in the hills with no electricity and only well water

Lunch on a woodcock day hunters usually prefer outdoor meals. The winter is never very cold

A more sophisticated "cabanon" - Dining room with mounted trophies

and the big fireplace often used for cooking

The estate produces its own olive oil.

The villages of Provence are real work of art

Hilltop villages, la Cadière and le Castellet in the vineyards of Bandol

fisher's port


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