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Provence -2-

Le Verdon

Guided fishing in Provence.
Bonjour Nick. I had a fantastic time last night. The fishing, scenery and

most importantly, the guiding, were all first class. Your man is a real
professional, accomplished and pleasant both. If he fished at all, and I'm
not sure he did, it was only after taking excellent care of his clients. In
my experience, it is the guides who don't fish while guiding who we clients
would love to see fish and the opposite is also true! Thus the experience
between La Sorgue and last night was as we say, chalk and cheese!
I will definitely be contacting you again. Thank you for
your organization, Cheers,Peter.

Canyon picture courtesy of the excellent website where other views can be admired

Spectacular Verdon
The Verdon is one of the most memorable setting of the world for a fishing party. Visitors from Colorado, New-Zealand or South-Africa, have been impressed by the scenery. It is sheer nature at its best featuring crystal clear emerald waters and white canyon cliffs of sometimes 700 meters high. It is a paradise for hikers, climbers and photographers. These is also a prime stream  to fly-fish for sometimes quite large brown trout. There are rather easy and ... less easy fishing spots. Our guide knows them all. Touring around the gorges du Verdon is a fantastic experience. You will never forget the lavender fields of the plateau de Valensole with the snowy peaks of the Alps as background. Our selection of accommodation include three Old stone hotels of the highest standard (one offers a prime golf course). There is also the small inn (auberge) of a tiny provençal village that we like a lot, and a couple of very pleasant B&B, (Chambres d'hôte en gîte rural).

The charm of the narrow streets in thevillages of Provence

Fishing in the Gorges du Verdon
From mid-March to mid-September

Guided fishing

Our guide, knows stretches of easy access and others really tricky, some of them needing ropes to join the fishing place. Easy or tricky, they are all beautiful. Depending on your physical shape we can offer outings for all levels. We can also sometimes organize night camps to the most remote stretches...

Fly Fishing

The Verdon offers excellent Fly Fishing conditions. The surrounding is almost only mineral, no tree spoils your casting. The waters are very clear allowing to often see the fish you target. The river is full of boulders producing countless trouty hides and currents. All techniques are used from dry fly, to nymph and small streamers.


Chest waders are recommended. Any trout rod from 8,5 to 10 feet can be used. Light lines wt 3/4, are ideal for dry fly.

Mediterranean type brown trout

Entrance of the gorges where the cliffs are not so high