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Mountain Venues

The Alps

A huge playground for all seasons

The Alps is a huge playground mostly used in the winter for skiing. Spring summer & fall offer quite a lot of pleasures as well. We will leave apart the rock and glacier climbing, but long mountain walks and fishing parties find there a wonderful setting.

Le Mont Blanc (Alt. 4807m), perfect background for a family holiday

Rough situation map


Easy access from Geneva

We are offering outstanding guided Fly fishing on altitude lakes & rivers near Chamonix. Accomodation is available in all categories from sporting to luxury hotels in the setting of the most elegant ski resorts. Non fishers will find many exciting sports and occupations. Swimming pools, mountain bike, horse riding, tennis, golf, walks and treks, everything to open appetite and help one sleep a good night. These resorts also offer many bars, excellent restaurants, cinemas, night clubs. The fly fishing setting is a surrounding of high mountains as on pictures below. 

Open here to see some non fishing views of the unique mountain setting & stunning town atmosphere of Chamonix

These are mountain streams of fast waters

always surrounded by impressive snowy peaks

you can fish small torrents with the "crossbow" technique

these are hosting many beautiful reactive little trout

wider streams are fished more classically

and do not require any boulder jumping

there are found larger fish

good sized brown trout

or the odd "brookie"

Pictures courtesy of US fly angler, Guy L.  June 2007.

Open here to see some non fishing views of the unique mountain setting & stunning town atmosphere of Chamonix

Chalet lunch on a sunny day

A good alpine meal...

... always ends with a shot of Génépi

Alpine farm cheese are a genuine delight

Like this "must try" smooth Reblochon of Savoy

Shepherd's shelter

Les Bauges

Easy access from Lyon

Rustique altitude shelters are offered by the ONF, (National Forestry Office).

This opportunity is for small groups of people lovers of hard mountain walks as much as fishing for small trout in torrents. It is also for a wild foray in isolated accomodation as you would sleep in mountain shelters with more or less no neighbour.

They are very nice houses however and we can organize delivery by next village's charcutiers and boulangers of as much good food and wine and Génépi, as you want. A nice creel of these trout can join fireplace and pan for the evening meal. Sometimes wild mushrooms also do. Other pleasures are a wonderful view including binocular observations of mountain fauna, and marvelously silent nights for a good rest after the trekkings.

Refuge - Shelter

Ground level view...

and eyes above....


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