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The courtyard of the "hospices" in Beaune

A Fly in the wine !

Visiting Burgundy with a fly rod seems impossible, as there are no trout streams meandering among the vineyards. Though, fistly, Burgundy is a perfect easy stop on the road between Paris and the Jura region (It is also true if you are arriving from the south). Then, there is also a couple of nice spots in the green parts of Burgundy where the land is covered of woods and meadows instead of vineyards.. For any short stay we can set up for you both fishing and wine cellars experience. See below our 3 Burgundy proposals, or click here to see the Jura

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L'abus d'alcool est horriblement néfaste pour la santé

Rough situation map of our Burgundy proposals...

# 1 Upper Seine # 2 Morvan # 3 Silure fishing

The river Serein in Chablis & Vineyards on the background hills

Burgundy # 1

The upper-Seine

The region of the Upper Seine is located 50 km north-west of dijon. We are offering a quaint old family Manor managed by a charming young countess. Five rooms only,  very good family style cuisine. Private stretch of river in the park. Easy vineyards foray to Gevrey-Chambertin, Vougeot or Chablis.

Manor in the upper Seine region

The valley at only a few steps from the manor


Burgundy # 2

Silure fishing near Beaune


Silure fishing from a boat, near Beaune. An outstanding fishing experience in Burgundy -

Silures Silurus glanis are huge catfish living in the depth of big rivers. We can set up for you a wonderful silure experience in Burgundy, from a boat on the river la Saône. 

The fishing spot is located not far from Beaune. This is a perfect opportunity to combine some good sport with the visit of some of the most prestigious vineyards in the world.

Among other places to visit can be mentionned, the famous Hospices de Beaune, the Abbaye of Citeaux, Chambertin, Nuit Saint Georges, and other picturesque villages like Meursault.


Happy visitor from Louisiana, and a good catch dated September 2000

Burgundy # 3

Splurge in the Morvan region

The Morvan region of Burgundy, near the towns of Saulieu, Avallon, or Vézelay


In this part of the Morvan, you can stay at the outstanding La Côte d'Or, of the new Vatel, late legendary chef Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu. We can arrange your fishing parties at some of our best streams from this outstanding base camp... among the 20 best restaurants in the world. Rated 3-Stars in the French Michelin Guide. There is another possiblity from  the famed Espérance of Marc Meneau in Saint Père sous Vézelay.





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