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Valley of the Loue

Lanscapes made famous by native painter Gustave Courbet

The French region of the Jura mountains (the other side is in Switzerland), is rather unknown among foreign visitors. When planning a holiday to France, fly fishers mustconsider this beautiful region that has also everything to please to non fishers. Emoving peaceful landscapes, interesting little towns and villages, rich gastronomy and warm welcoming hotels are the main features along with world class fly fishing. Whether you are searching a fishing break from Paris or Geneva or a nice stop en route to the south of France, we can build your memorable  Jura holiday.

Rough situation map

-1- Valley of the Loue -2- Arbois -3- Valley of the Doubs

Paris, approx 400 km. Easy junction by car on higways

or by TGV speed train to Besançon (less than 3 hours)


Views of the Jura region of France...

The rivers have dug impressive "gorges" in the "Jurassic" rock of the mountains

A stretch like this is usually surrounded by steep slopes

or cliffs...

Most towns have been built in the valleys and have a close relationship with the rivers

Near our favorite hotel, the former mill pond of a IXth century forge

The village of our favorite hotel

And a good trout "shot" from the bridge. Can you see it, despite the good camouflage?

There is trout and grayling in these rivers, but there is a particular love for trout...

Do you know of any other place where man has erected such a statue to its favorite fish ?

You would think you will find "trout fishing ex-votos" in the churches...

But no ! Only peace and architectural beauties

The "Comté" is the star local cheese. locally you can buy yours at shops or farms, more exactly sort of cooperative cheese workshops called "Fruitières à comté". A picturesque and tasty stop. You'll discover other ones like the "Morbier" or the "Mont d'Or". The Comté  is matured in cellars for 6 months to 2 years.

The Jura is also a wine region, offering a very original range of different vines from this "poulsard" producing a fresh light red to the "savagnin" from which is made the outstanding "vin jaune" recalling  the Spanish Sherry. Jura wines are wonderful with the local cheese. Their chardonnay is delicious and very affordable.

In the far, the bell tower of "Montigny les Arsures", birthland village of Joseph Pasteur mainly known for his vaccine against rabies, but also "father" of the modern techniques of wine fermentation with controlled yeasts and low temperatures.

My dog appreciates the vineyards. There is often a hare to run after...

Cellars often have old climbing vines -treille- on the walls facing south


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Special thanks for the pictures to Ken Gartrell, Sept 2007

Surprisingly the answer to the trout statue question is yes !!!! I have discovered in "Just before dark" by the famed Jim Harrison, that there is a gigantic (brook) trout statue in Kalkaska Michigan. Still there, see below !

Picture borrowed on www.roadsideamerica.com