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Fly Fishing in south west France

The river Vezere between the Dordogne & Limousin regions 

The Vézère at sunset

This place is out of time.Your hotel is sitting neighbourless on the river. It is a former watermill . The only 8 rooms are fresh, the dining room looks like a film setting with its traditional "cantou" big fireplace where elder poeople used to sit during long winter wakes. For you it will be the place to sample one of the hotelier's local old prune spirits or rare single malts whiskies ! The food is gorgeous and will surprise more than a gourmet. The very affordable prices will be surprising as well.  The region features the charm of the best ancient France. Accomodation, people, landscapes, little towns, food, river, hatches... and the local dark dotted brownies, will all leave unforgettable memories. Miles of public stretches are available and you can fish simply walking from the auberge. The hotelier will serve you dinner, after the latest evening rises. At the end of the summer are found the first wild mushrooms "cèpes" or "trompettes des morts". The main river is the Vézère, but there are other streams to fish around if you want to visit more. These were the lands and streams of the famous Dr Juge, celebrity fly fisherman and fly patterns inventor, also hunter and author of a few appreciated fly fishing books in the 40's and 50's. There is no guiding in the area, but the hotel manager is a keen advisor to the good spots. These spots are easy to find anyhow following our written instructions.

Discover the Vezère & neighbour valleys...

Your Auberge at the bridge on the Vézère

and the Vezère under the bridge...

very few vehicles pass on this bridge

the countryside around is very quiet

my brother and my nephew take a cold drink

soon ready to fish the 1st evening rise. We'll walk in waders from the hotel

and this is the stretch that we discover, just a few steps away 

the water is beautiful, tea coloured, but very clear

My first trout of the Vézère !

dusk is soon coming

and it is time to walk back to the inn

An incredible salad is served as starter, featuring a poached egg, foie gras, smoked breast of ducks, chestnuts, salad and tomatoes from the garden... A great moment ! followed by a classic duck confit, perfect recovery dinner for hungry young anglers.

On excursion....

the picturesque nearby little towns and villages

offer nice walks in their streets

and wonderful architecture

Buying license... 

at a village's café

admiring an old manor house

while searching signal for a cell phone !

Peaceful country landscapes

and hidden streams

with clear waters and white boulders

Pictures courtesy Ladislas T.  Jul 2008 

The assassine fly

The "Assassine" is a variant of the "Mouches Exquises" (exquisite flies) of the legendary Docteur Juge (that was his name). Two turns of partridge in front of a grey Limousin cock palmered hackle.

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