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Individual Rough Shooting foray out of Paris

The region of Sologne is located in the south of Orléans, (2 hours from Paris), surrounded by the Loire valley. The Loire châteaux & vineyards of Sancerre are the natural sightseeing goals around a hunting trip. This can be described as a "wife endorsed" hunting trip. The season starts at the end of September until mid January. In the early season we are hunting partridge in the crops and fields. From the end of October when tree leaves start to colour and fall we start to hunt pheasant in the woods and forests. We are offering château accommodation (very prestigious and genuine castle on picture below) or simpler rooms or cottages on the estate. We will send a priced offer for any sojourn on simple request.

Pictures of the typical setting of a short shooting foray in the Sologne region of France...

The village nearby

Baker shop in the village

The chateau where our guests are staying

The castle's courtyard

Hunter's entrance

Shotguns prepared

The restaurant

Mushrooms "girolles" found during the hunt, and below "cèpes" (porcini)

many of our guests like these autumn wild mushrooms

The labrador retrievers of the game-keeper

Hunting scene in the crops with my Brittany spaniel (pointing dog)

In the forest

Visiting the kennel, with the game-keeper

Attending a mounted stag hunt... a very appreciated side sightseeing activity.

Nice cottages can be an alternative accommodation to the château. 

Tom and Gwen from South Carolina - Jan 3rd, 2002

See  pictures of the Loire Châteaux. Open here

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