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Le Sud-Ouest

The south-west of France

A fly in the wine...

General presentation of our proposals

& rough situation map

We are introducing a choice of fly fishing destinations naturally joined from Bordeaux


Each region described below will bear a number that you can find on the map.

To just point out big categories, numbers # 1, 2, 3 & 4 are in the Dordogne or Périgord.

Number # 9 is a greener region bordering the north of the Périgord and called Limousin.

Numbers # 5 & 6 are the Béarn and Basque-land in the French Pyrenees - Numbers # 7 & 8 are in Spain, Navarra and Aragon - For them, please open the pages Pyrenees or Spain on the left of your screen.

Rough situation map


Between these spots are found many other areas for attractive touring. To name only a couple, the atlantic seashore of Les Landes, Le Gers sort of capitale du foie gras and the Armagnac (and birthland of the gascon musketteers like d'Artagnan). The beautiful region du Lot with Cahors and Rocamadour where truffles are (almost) considered as 1st necessity products...


Bordeaux is at roughly 600 kms from Paris. Driving from Paris to Bordeaux is a long but acceptable drive on highway A-10. Bordeaux Biarritz by road is also very easy. From Paris there is a speed train TGV to Bordeaux and Biarritz. Bordeaux and Biarritz also have an international airport -for flights from Europe only-

Grand vins et vignobles de Bordeaux

If you like the world of great wines, we recommend to start you trip in Bordeaux, where you can visit this elegant city and the famous vineyards around. You should spend your first night in Bordeaux. Ladies will adore the shopping in the old center and connoisseurs will enjoy the restaurants and wine shops. The morning after you should visit the vineyards of Médoc, Sauternes or Saint Emilion. Then spend another night in Bordeaux or directly join the place of your fishing stay.

Entrance of cellars (les chais) at Château Margaux



Not far from Saint Emilion

Aloses fishing between Bergerac and Castillon la Bataille (spot nbr # 1 on our map).

Between Bergerac and Castillon (1) the Dordogne is flowing across a wonderful setting.The Alose (Alosa, alosa) is a strong migrating fish of the size of a grilse. It is supposed to accept with not too many difficulties even the wetfly of the alose rookies.

Vineyards of Bordeaux ...

...Château Caronne Saint-Gemme

Castillon la Bataille is very near Saint Emilion and all the riverbanks little towns of the area are charming... so we promise, we will explore this very soon ! (1) During the war said of 100 years, in Castillon la bataille (battle in 1453), the ancient Guyenne region was lost by our English cousins and came back to the French crown.


Around Brantôme, Nontron, La Rochefoucauld et Angoûlème (spot nbr # 2 on our map)

Rivers Dronne, Tardoire and Touvre can be sometimes surprisingly good. Local touring is with no surprise at all a high spot of successful escapades. The Abbaye of Brantôme and the good tables around are years after years among the most visited spots in France.

La Touvre

Around the grottos of Lascaux (spot nbr # 3 on our map)

There is a nice network of fly fishing spots around the grottos of Lascaux. From the northern side, you benefit there of the touring in the Périgord already mentionned. Between the valleys of the Dordogne and of the Vézère, you will be near places like les Eyzies, Sarlat, Collonges la Rouge

A mill near Montignac

Accomodations Dordogne Périgord

Great choice of countryside inns, châteaux hôtels and old stones gîtes (B&B) or cottages.

More or less all types of budget can be found


Oyster farms in La Tremblade near Marennes Oléron


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