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Fly Fishing in France

The regions of Dordogne, Périgord & Limousin

View of the Dordogne banks

This region is particularly well located for sportsmen searching a prime fly fishing destination at reasonable distance from Bordeaux. It is also an ideal stop to cut the long road between Paris and the south west of France. The upper Dordogne & the upper Vézère are two major fly fishing spots. The other places only offer limited fishing but near prime touring spots.

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1/ Major spot: The upper Dordogne in the Quercy and in Corrèze - We believe that it is one of the best spot of the French south-west to combine outstanding tourism and gastronomie of the Perigord with prime fly-fishing atmosphere. Location: Point nbr # 4 on the map.

2/ Major spot: The upper Vézère in the Limousin region. - Fish from a delightful Mill inn directly on the river and discover one of the last really authentic part of the French countryside. Location: Point nbr # 9 on the map.

3/ Limited fishing spots: Fishing near major Périgord touring destinations like Brantôme or Sarlat. - Very nice places to visit and stay at, prime gastronomy, possibility of limited fishing around. Location: Points # 1, 2, 3 on the map.

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