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Rough shooting in Normandy

The region of Normandy starts at less than 100 km west from Paris. My hunting homelands are located in this area. I can take you for a day trip or arrange a nice country accommodation to stay overnight. It is easy to continue the trip to visit the seashore of Honfleur and Deauville, the Mont Saint Michel or the D-Day beaches. We are hunting Partridge in the crops from late September to November &. Pheasant in the woods from early November to January. Beside partridge and pheasant are found woodcock and passing woodpigeon. Please contact us by email for any offer.

September partridge shooting over pointers in wheat crops and sugarbeat fields

Setting of the fall & winter hunts in Normandy

My friend Cyrille Jubert a great "Field" artist, see the woodcock below

My dog Bobby, sometimes a great artist as well !

Pictures & woodcocks by Cyrille Jubert

Visit Cyrille's website on

Normandy manor in snowy winter

Setting of a partridge day trip at 100km from Paris

Partridge hunting in October

Photos Pierre Poupart

Redlegged & gray (Hungarian) partridge

English setter & David from Texas

David's late September mixed bag of redlegged & gray partridge, jack & common snipe

Late December - Pointing in the ferns...

...a pheasant... or a woodcock ?

a pheasant.


I can also sometimes offer excellent opportunity in the region of the D-Day Beaches & Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. To visit this part of Normandy, open here

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