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Mountain game

Chamois, Isard, Mouflon

Mouflons  offer beautiful trophy and challenging hunts


From September to February, with most pleasant days from mid September to mid November.


In the Alps & the Pyrenees, and other mountains like les Vosges, the south of the Massif Central. For Spain, in the Spanish Pyrenees of Catalonia or Aragon.


Chamois & Mufflon. Females of these species are bearing horns offering a smaller trophy than male's horns. Ibex is not present in France as huntable game, only in Spain.

Hunting mountain game in France

Guided stalking is the only technique. The average altitude is 1500 to 2000 meters - over 4.000 ft if my calculation is correct !

Chamois stalking...

The mountain antelope is called chamois in the Alps and isard in the Pyrenees. Despite small differences it is the same animal. In Spain, isard is named rebeco, sometimes sarrio or even isard like in France. Play with us ! try to spot the chamois on the pictures below...

Example of Budget in 2016

We will quote by return any demand with updated figures

Logistics to be charged separately 

Chamois (Isard) or Mouflon

Adult animal at  1200 euros

Guided day at 230 euros

Red deer stag
From 1.500 to 3.000 euros for an average good trophy
(more expensive is available too)


Mountain Venues

Alps & Pyrenees

See the setting of our mountain venues on our fishing pages, open The Alps or the Pyrenees

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