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Red deer (cervus elaphus)

Stag at Le Boulay in the Sologne region

Mainly September particularly for stalking. September is the season of roaring rut for the red stag.

We can arrange deer stalking at many places in France. Excellent red deers are found in the Pyrenees. This is a wonderful experience for sportif hunters - See our Mountain game page

Deer hunting in France
Stalking is the only technique used mainly in September during the rut. Later in the year the hinds and yearlings are hunted at mixed species driven big game days along with wild boars and roe deers. Trophy stags and males in general are very often kept for the hunts with horses and packs (see our Horse & Hounds page).

Price -
Depending on their trophy, stags are ranging between 760 and 5500 euros - For an all inclusive offer with accommodation, license, and guiding, please contact us.

Mounted stag hunts - Chasse à courre
We can set up very attractive chasse à courre experiences at a wide choice of places. Days trips from Paris in the nearest forests of Normandy are possible but it is a very nice goal for a short foray in the countryside (see our Horse & Hounds page).



Stalking or German style silent drive named "drücken"

Stag hunts with Horses & Hounds

Following a chasse à courre is an outstanding experience

Pictures courtesy of Josie & Buck from Kentucky's Clear creek beagles

See our Horse & Hounds pages for more complete details.

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