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Snipe over dogs

Running after elusive birds...

Run after the most challenging game birds in the muddy marsh lands of Picardy and Normandy near Le Touquet, Deauville and Honfleur. Days trips from Paris can be organized from early or mid August to the end of January. 

First snipe's smile...

From September to December. Best runs in September, October.

A hot day in mid August

Seashore marshes of Picardy and Normandy (near Honfleur and Deauville) A day trip from Paris is rather easy.  Snipe days can be combined with early morning or evening duck flighting.

Common snipe and Jack-snipe. The jack snipe -bécassine sourde- is the smallest and what we call marsh snipe (common snipe), bécassine des marais is the most common. The biggest -bécassine double- is very rarely met and is fully protected.

Comparing the Jack snipe and the common snipe

Irish setter and snipe - by François Lebert

Hunting snipe in France
Snipe are walked up with flushing dogs or labrador retrievers or preferably attempted over pointing dogs. It is a difficult art to train a dog to point them properly, and a fine art to shoot them well to reward a nice point. Visitors are often surprised to learn that the word "sniper" comes from snipe !  And they often quickly understand why....

Snipe wetlands in Normandy - In the background the port and lighthouse of Honfleur 

Website compulsory visit
International (but very French) snipe society / Club international des chasseurs de bécassines.


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