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The upper Dordogne

& tributaries

A charming region appreciated by charming flyfisherwomen... Courtesy Katherine Claeys

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On this page below, you will discover The upper Dordogne in the Quercy and in Corrèze - We believe that it is the best spot of the French south-west to combine outstanding tourism and gastronomie of the Perigord with prime fly-fishing atmosphere.

Rough situation map

The upper Dordogne in the Quercy and in Corrèze

The river Dordogne in this region is a wide powerful stream. It is also a meeting point for a nice choice of smaller rivers and also a meeting point for many of the best French fly fishermen. Good fly fishing tackle shop. Good fly tyiers. Good professional guides. Many beautiful places to see around. This area has everything to attract visitors. May, June and late September would be the 1st choice, but the smaller streams are excellent early starters for March or April. Fish are challenging wild browns and grayling.

Touring in the Périgord

The Périgord is a region that each francophile should have visited at least one time. After this first visit, many of the foreign visitors have purchased a holiday house. There is a special douceur de vivre in the Périgord found nowhere else. Each site is an enchantment, and the food is gorgeous. Our fishing spots are situated between the nicest towns on the bank of the Dordogne. In the backcountry nearby are found Sarlat, Collonges la rouge and Lascaux. You can click here to open a very interesting website about the caves of Lascaux.

The river banks at evening rise time

Silver weed beds on the Dordogne

A (very) good trout caught at the "small night club"by my brother in Jul 2009

And nice a back-season one by great Canadian angler Mike Seebach in late Sept 2009

Reputed brown trout & grayling fishing

There are 5 rivers of easy reach, some easy, some very sportif flowing across deep gorges. The trout season runs from March 15th to September 20th. Grayling starts by late May and can be fished until the end of October. (Fall is a nice occasion to plan a mixed trip: Bordeaux vineyards during harvest followed by a fly fishing escapade in Dordogne). The tributaries of the Dordogne are excellent early starting streams for March or April.

The Dordogne is a big river (sometimes 80 to 100 meters), tough and very wide. Wading pants with felt soles are required. Using a professional guide is a key to success, but we can tell you where to go to observe the local sportsmen, before fishing on your own.

The Dordogne is an excellent grayling stream


Each town is a jewel. Valley are bordered by meadows and century old walnut orchards, surrounded by rocky wooded hills. Climate is dry and warm. At the end of the summer may appear the first cèpes mushrooms.


Our first choice hotel is a former watermill on the river la Maronne. It is a beautiful house owned by an Englishman providing everything like British sense of humor, good bar, nice barbecue parties, and informations on local curiosities only a foreigner notices. La gastronomie du périgord is a major contributor to the worldwide reputation of the French cuisine

Images of the surrounding

Typical Perigord houses

or hidden watermill

abbeys and villages on the bank of the wide river

checking flies before joining...

... a nice wild spot to start fishing.

in unique surrounding of nature and...

old stones...

old villages...

with nice sunny markets to shop for a picnic

Fish for nice trout...

... and beautiful grayling

Thymallus thymallus or Ombre in French

Fisher's lodge B&B near the Dordogne.

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