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Fly fishing the green pearl of the Alpes

Meeting wonderful people & beautiful trout on Slovenian streams...

Slovenia, often described as the green pearl of the Alps offers some of the most spectacular European streams. Preserved and improved fish habitat, crystal clear waters, excellent populations of wild brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling. It is not rare to catch a local subspecies named marbled trout salmo trutta marmorata weighing sometimes up to 10 pounds. The former Yugoslavia is gaining popularity among European sportsmen. The vicinity of Venice can make this trip a highly wife endorsed destination. Read below an exciting feedback from an American fly fisher who experimented Slovenia last summer.

Nick, Happy Holidays to you also! The trip was fabulous! Italy was fun, but the Slovenia fishing part was the best. The Hotel and staff were terrific, the Slovenia countryside wonderful and the streams and rivers great. I had a very nice guide who pointed things out the first day and a couple of hours on a second day. The rest of the time I just went to places he had suggested and I caught brown and rainbow trout. I fished 3 or 4 separate streams/rivers. No marble trout, but catching fish on dry flies in the evening is my preferred approach and the streams and rivers were very accommodating. I fished 9:00 a.m. to dark every day. The hotel food was very good and they would pack me a lunch. I caught a couple of 19" trout and bunch more in the 12" to 14" range. The country is very beautiful and the people very cordial. I certainly want to return, spending more time. You could fish there for months and have a great time every day. I plan definitely to go back. Thanks for everything you did. As usual, everything was just as you said it would be and lots of fun. Please accept my belated thanks. I am not sure what if anything I will be doing travel wise this summer, but if it has to do with Europe I will contact you as always.

I leave this Thursday for some winter fly fishing in Colorado. Only one or two days. I have not tried this in the winter, in the cold, in heavy snow, but that's what I will be doing. Better to be in France, Spain, Slovenia in June, but its January in the States so I do what I can. Take care and have a great 2004. Rick.


Venice is only a 1h30 drive from Slovenia. The international flights are organised to and from Venice, Marco Polo Airport. For the transportation Venice-Slovenia, the minibus of our hotel will come to pick you up. Inside Slovenia you can rent a car for local explorations and fishing but it is not possible to rent a car in Italy and use it outside the EU, which is the case for Slovenia.

Unspoiled Alpine landscapes. See more pictures below


Our counterpart hotel is rated 4**** stars of international standard. The level of comfort is absolutely perfect. Spouses and children will find there all the typical leisure activities of the mountain resorts in the summer. Beside hiking to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and charming villages, it is possible to play tennis or ride horses, and take some exercise at the swimming pool, or at the fitness club and sauna.


Slovenian cuisine is gaining a justified reputation among the Italian neighbours who frequently cross the border to enjoy the wonderful seafood of the Dalmatian coast. Our own hotel is a hot spot for seafood. We must also point out the outstanding quality of the salamis and hams -inspired by the Italian San-Daniele style- and of the local wines. Few countries offer such good value excellent products.

Outstanding seafood and local wines are highlights of the stay

Fishing the Soca, the Idrijca and the tributaries

The Soca and tributaries offer the best network of fly fishing rivers of Central Europe. Around the hotel is found a choice of fly-fishing courses covering more than 150 miles. There are important densities of all four present species of game fish -brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling and marbled trout. The marble trout is a subspecies of the brown trout only found around the Adriatic sea.

Marmorata marbled trout

River Soca

The Soca (pronounce it sotcha) is a multi aspects stream which width may vary from 5 to 30 meters. The upper Soca, proceeding from the Alpes is a fast river flowing into steep gorges. It is a classic assembly of small cascades alterning with by deep flat pools. Downstream from the rocky gorges section, the river starts flowing into a wide and scenic valley full of majesty. The background of snowy mountains is absolutely gorgeous. The river now features a fantastic unreal blue colour that you will never forget. The river is quite wide still offering riffles and runs followed by long shallow and clear gravel beds. The end of the course is the lake of Most Na Soci where good fishing of lake trout is also found. The giant marmorata trout are usually caught into the lake.

River Idrijca

This major tributary of the Soca, is a sure value for fly fishers. More narrow and easier to fish it is hosting the same fish species found on the Soca. The Idrijca offers 40 miles of excellent stretches flowing across beautiful scenery. The Idrijca is the classic fishing spot if storms have stained the Soca.


For smaller rivers and faster waters alternative, it is a must to visit the tributaries of the Idrijca named Koritnica, Baca and Tolminka. The Ucja feeding the Soca and the Nadiza, are other classic destinations. These are ever clear mountain trout waters. Discovering the countless possible places where trout are holding position makes you feel almost a kid's joy.

Rainbow trout

Grayling on the Unec

The Unec is a river situated more inland Slovenia, in a region of grottos and underground springs. It is a 20 miles long chalk stream meandering across natural meadows. The Unec is flowing deep and quiet and features outstanding mixed hatches. Fish rises often pop up everywhere, some anglers report that "Sometimes the water was like boiling !" The Unec is hosting a good trout population but is mainly attractive for the outstanding density of grayling. Trout is found near the banks and at low light hours but grayling are active at any time of the day, even at the brightest hours of the hot months. On the downstream part of the course, nice fish around 60 cm are currently caught.

Superb grayling & vodka clear water


For individual travelers we usually provide local guides, whose fees are ranging between 80 and 180 euros per day depending on the service required (from a mere presentation of the fishing spots to a full classic guided day). For groups of 4/5 anglers, we can set up fully guided sojourns. In this case, a British or French guide who knows the region perfectly will be your pilot during the entire sojourn.

Brown trout

Fact files


April 15th to October 31st.

Recommended period

From late May to early July & from September to the end of October.

Fishing techniques

Dry fly, nymph at sight & streamer for the big mamorata trout


8.5" to 10" travel trout rod & waders

Average catches

Marble trout 30 cm and more up to 100 cm ! Brown and rainbow trout around 35/40 cm. Grayling of 40 cm are currently caught.

Slovenia 2005 - Prices -

Fully guided groups

6 nights / 5 days fishing - 1.259 euros per angler based on a group of 4
7 nights / 6 days fishing - 1.425 euros per angler based on a group of 4

Individual trips

6 nights / 5 days fishing starting at 740 euros -no guiding included
7 nights / 6 days fishing starting at 869 euros -no guiding included

These prices do not include transportation

Our guide Thierry and an excellent grayling of the Soca

Stunning fly fishing landscapes of Slovenia



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