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Fly fishing under the famous Picos, in the backcountry of Santander

In the backcountry of Santander are found wild mountains and charming valleys. The villages are well kept and the nature is superbly preserved. It is one of the rare regions in western Europe where still many wolves are haunting the forests. Cantabria is a heart touching place. These valleys are reached within an hour or so by car from the city of Santander. You can arrive in Santander by train or even by ferry from England, and you can fly into Bilbao from many countries including the United States. A rental car will be useful to visit the countryside.

Countryside and river in  Cantabria

Season &
Guided fishing in Cantabria

You will mainly fish for brown trout on dry flies. Sometimes there are good runs of sea trout. The season starts by late March, and there is no runoff. The best fishing & touring period in the year should be from mid April to early July. There is another good late season period in September October. All you need is a travel rod for trout and waders with felt soles. We are having an excellent guide in Cantabria, and it is fairly easy also to fish on your own following our instructions and returning to the places shown by the guide...


Luke Skinner from Australia

and a beautiful April brownie....

Sheepfold casona



Old villages: There is a tremendous network of old villages, each offering different curiosities. Nature: Mountains, forests, rivers and rich fauna (wolves). The Caves of Altamira The prehistorical caves of Altamira is an important site for mankind heritage. Santander: is a wonderful, elegant city on the seashore -the kings of Spain have a Summer residence there. It is a lively town full of young people of all countries studying at the famous university. There are wonderful beaches, a prestigious golf course and also the typical streets full of tapas bars and restaurants. On Friday and Saturday nights, crowds of people are walking, dining and bar crawling until at least 3.00 am. Seashore, beaches, seafood tapas, complete the pictur ...

Comillas fishing harbour


The choice of accommodation features quaint hotels in the valleys, and the very good Parador of Santillana del mar, near the ocean and the caves of Altamira. Staying at the parador means slightly more road to fish the rivers in the mountain. There are also countryside B&B in beautiful restored houses named "casonas", and sometimes countryside houses (Casas Rurales), to rent per week can be found.

Santillana del Mar

Getting ready for tapas time

Coastal stream from where arrive sea trout & salmon

Is there a kind of devotion to salmon on the Deva river ?

In the village of Barcena Mayor

Valley of Cabuerniga



-1- Catalonia The upper valleys of Cataluña, for a perfect break from Barcelona. -2- Aragon Impressive high valleys in the National Park of Ordesa in the Pyrenees. -3- Navarra The famous rivers fished by Hemingway when he was attending los Sanfermines bullfight fiestas in the 20's and again in the late 50's. -4- La Rioja La Rioja is best kown for the wonderful wines, but Spanish anglers grant an equally good reputation to its waters. -5- Cantabria Excellent rivers and unspoiled charming valleys of easy reach from Santander and the elegant seashore of the mar cantabrico. Likely to be awarded 1st Spanish wife endorsed destination. -6- Asturias Famous coastal rivers Carès, Deva, Sella (and others) for the amazing trilogy: Salmon, Sea run trout, and Brown trout.

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