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Picos de Europa

The Principado de Asturias is one of the rare gifted regions offering a beautiful seashore & prime salmon, sea-trout & brown trout fishing in the mountains of the backcountry. Many non anglers enjoy wonderful beach holidays or hiking breaks in the great scenery of the Picos de Europa. If non anglers enjoy so much this Green Spain, fly fishermen should feel in heaven... and they do !

Happy visitor from Iceland & 1st Spanish salmon - June 2007

Asturias is situated on the northwestern coast, halfway between France and Portugal. The neighbor regions are Cantabria (East), and Galicia (west). The main city is Oviedo and the big ocean port  is Gijon. Asturias is a small kingdom preciously keeping millenaries of traditions. The elder son of the Spanish kings bears the title of prince of Asturias hence the region is usually called Principado de Asturias.

Fishing Season

Brown trout, Sea trout & Salmon

In general the season runs from May to the end of July for the salmon. From May to the end of August for brown trout & sea run trout. The best season for sea trout is from June to August. Average trout size is 25 cm, sea trout 35 cm, and salmon 55 cm.

Nice fresh run salmon from the rio Sella

License, Cotos & Fishable days...

The cotos are beats of restricted access working on a system of lottery (draft) and day ticket. The official draft for the cotos is in October each year. We are sometimes able to obtain these for you, but it is a painful organization for you and us ! The areas of semi-public access are excellent and in hands of our guide, your chances of success are almost equivalent to those on the cotos.  

Season & legal days in 2014 : Salmon: from the 3rd Sunday of March to July 31st. No fishing on Mondays & Thursdays except those that are festivos ! Trout & Sea trout, on the salmon stretches and in high mountain, from the 3rd Sunday of May to Aug 15th, and still no fishing on Mondays & Thursdays, if not festivos. Trout on Catch & Release Stretches, considered "normal" that is to say: not on the salmon zones, and not in high mountain, from the 3rd Sunday of March to September 30th, no fishing on Thursdays but the Mondays are OK.

Guided fishing in Asturias We are offering very nice guided days including full overall organization and picnic on the river. Our guide was born on the banks of the river Sella and is a famed local instructor and a talented angler but moreover he is a very helpful man, greatly capable to show you the hidden sides and secrets of his country that would take you a life to discover on your own. He speaks enough English for this purpose - and he is improving every day-.

We'll put a price on any project on simple demand...
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Your 1st salmon experience !

In Asturias, you can take a trout holiday and make your 1st attempt on salmon. Our guide has all the tackle and skills to take you on the salmon stretches for this experience.

Rio Cares, coto de El Tilo


Brown trout: Upper reaches of the rivers Carès, Deva, Purón, Bedón, Sella and Piloña. Sea trout: Deva, Sella and other coastal streams.  Salmon Rivers Cares-Deva and Sella


Waders - Visitors must bring their own waders. Trout rod - Our guide can rent you a 9"feet, weight 4-5, but any travel rod for trout can be used. Salmon rod - Our guide can rent you a 10"feet, single hand, weight 8" for salmon and sea run trout. This is also the kind of tackle that we recommend for these rivers. There are places where a two handed Spey type rod can be used but not everywhere.

Choice of Accommodation

Quaint hotels in the mountain, or on the coast...

For an average price of 50 to 60 euros per night, we are having a choice of very attractive hotels in the 2** or 3*** stars category. Depending on your preferences -and sometimes what your non fishing family prefers- we can give you the choice between streams & mountains or seashore, beaches surrounding.

Or luxury accommodation at great Parador Hotels
The average price of a "Parador" room is 170 euros per night for a double. For both mountain brown trout and near coastal rivers hosting salmon and sea trout we can arrange your stay using the famous Paradors as "base camp" !

Houses (casas rurales)

On special request, houses to rent in the countryside can be found.


Asturias is a land of beauty and great scenery due to the permanent combination of ocean and mountains. From almost everywhere on seashore the Picos de Europa can be seen in the background. They are covered with snow and nicely shining. The name comes from the ancient sailors on the way back from the New World. These Picos were for them the first visible point of Europe. On the other hand from most of the peaks the ocean can be seen. The combination of colours is impressive and simply beautiful. Between the grey to ochre walls of the Picos and the deep blue of the ocean can be admired all shades of green of the forests and valleys also lightened by the emerald or crystal pale blue of the many rivers. Valleys like the Desfiladero de la Hermida, or Cangas de Onis, are unforgettable.

& Gastronomy

Gastronomy is the easy exact reflection of these landscapes. Wild fish and mariscos from the wild rocky reefs of the seashore. Trout and salmons from the rivers. Lamb or venison from the mountains. Also from the mountains an excellent choice of cheese including a surprising blue cheese called Cabrales competing seriously against the best Roquefort, Stilton and Gorgonzola. The valley of Cabrales is a superb setting. This is a tough land opening strong appetite, and luckily this is also the land of the famous fabada Asturiana, tough dish of wonderful white beans, with garlic and tomatoes featuring also bacon, black pudding and more... as they say here: embutidos tipicos de la tierra, morcilla, chorizo y lacón. Asturias does not produce wine but an excellent cider sidra typical drink of the regions of green meadows. Note also that due to the Celtic roots, the bagpipe Gaïta most often replace the guitar for village bands.

An ancient local salmon tradition

El Campanu

For years, a tradition wanted that the first salmon caught on a line during opening day, was auction sold to the best restaurants of Madrid. These happy fish were reaching amounts in pesetas with an incredible number of zeros...

Always in the background, the Picos de Europa

The selling price on the banks of the Asturian rivers of course reflected on the bill in Madrid. Diners were not purchasing peace at the time as all the press was there to take pictures. I think (hope), the whole story was for charity purpose. Now there is a trend to ban all commercialization of wild freshwater fish. I think there's been a Campanu in 2001, but I am not totally sure this will continue.


The Unique fishing setting of Asturias...

Special thanks for the pictures Courtesy of Tim Inskip - June 2006

Our guide

The great scenery of the rio Carès

La España verde... de verdad !

Really green Spain !


-1- Catalonia The upper valleys of Cataluña, for a perfect break from Barcelona. -2- Aragon Impressive high valleys in the National Park of Ordesa in the Pyrenees. -3- Navarra The famous rivers fished by Hemingway when he was attending los Sanfermines bullfight fiestas in the 20's and again in the late 50's. -4- La Rioja La Rioja is best kown for the wonderful wines, but Spanish anglers grant an equally good reputation to its waters. -5- Cantabria Excellent rivers and unspoiled charming valleys of easy reach from Santander and the elegant seashore of the mar cantabrico. Likely to be awarded 1st Spanish wife endorsed destination. -6- Asturias Famous coastal rivers Carès, Deva, Sella (and others) for the amazing trilogy: Salmon, Sea run trout, and Brown trout.

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