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High valleys in the Pyrenees

Catalonia  is the eastern part of the Pyrenees, (See number # 1 on our map). We are handling different valleys of the region like the Vall de Boï & Vall Fosca, the upper Noguera Palleresa, and the upper Segre at the French border in the region of Cerdanya. A rental car is required to reach these remote valleys. From Barcelona the ride is around 2h30. Roughly, if you leave early in the morning, you will be there for the Spanish lunch time and you will be able to fish the first evening.

Fishing season
During the early season -before the runoff period- it is always possible to find fishable stretches but it is unpredictable. After mid-May, some lakes - not all- are defrosted, and the high mountain streams legally open. Best fishing period : from early June, to the end of September.

In Catalonia, visit :

Visit also the neighbor page / region of French Catalonia & Ariège found just "on the other" side of the Pyrenees mountains


-1- Catalonia The upper valleys of Cataluña, for a perfect break from Barcelona. -2- Aragon Impressive high valleys in the National Park of Ordesa in the Pyrenees. -3- Navarra The famous rivers fished by Hemingway when he was attending los Sanfermines bullfight fiestas in the 20's and again in the late 50's. -4- La Rioja La Rioja is best kown for the wonderful wines, but Spanish anglers grant an equally good reputation to its waters. -5- Cantabria Excellent rivers and unspoiled charming valleys of easy reach from Santander and the elegant seashore of the mar cantabrico. Likely to be awarded 1st Spanish wife endorsed destination. -6- Asturias Famous coastal rivers Carès, Deva, Sella (and others) for the amazing trilogy: Salmon, Sea run trout, and Brown trout.

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