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Le Cotentin

In the Cotentin are found many highlights of Normandy. The Mont Saint Michel, the battlefields of the 6th June 1944 D-Day, The tapestry of Bayeux. Oyster bays & great seafood. Scenic hidden trout valleys and salmon rivers. Eveb good pike fishing and bird watching in the wetlands of Carentan.

Le Mont Saint Michel

North-western Cotentin

What we consider as the northwestern part of the Cotentin, is the seashore between Isigny and Saint Vaast la Hougue. To take big cities it would be comprised between Caen and Cherbourg. It also includes the inland marsh lands around Carentan. In this area are located all the beaches, battlefields, cemeteries of the the D-Day, (Sword, Omaha, Utah, Sainte Mère Eglise, Colleville and hundreds of other places). Visitors also like to admire the Tapisserie de Bayeux recalling older battles of William the Conqueror. This is a perfect place for a holiday sharing time between culture and history with pleasures making you feeling that it is good to be alive and to live in peacetime. There is great seafood gastronomy, oysters, picturesque towns and villages. The marshy lands provide goals of excursions and excellent pike fishing. The trout streams described in the next chapter (inland Cotentin) are not too far and offer excellent fly fishing.

If you are staying in this area, it is also possible to visit the Mont Saint Michel on a long day excursion.Wildfowl currently fly above the inland marshes traveling between the Bay des Veys and the Bay du Mont Saint Michel...

The famous tapestry of Bayeux must be visited

Prices & Accommodation

Cotentin Rates

Please ask by email for the specific Normandy Cotentin rates

Choice of accommodation for the Cotentin

Country hotels - Manor B&B - Cottage (gîtes) rental.

Brown trout & pike fishing, guided or "self guided".

Over 2 or 3 days it is easy to combine the Cotentin with the other streams of Normandy


American cemetary of Colleville sur Mer

Inland Cotentin
Region Villedieu, Granville

There are many advantages to staying in this area of the central Cotentin. Firstly you are halfway between the D-Day sites & the Mont Saint Michel. Then the hotel that we recommend is directly on one of the best trout & grayling rivers of the area. It is very easy to spend the day away visiting everything and come back in the early evening for an excellent dinner and a fishing party after dinner. The hotel is also situated in a very pristine and quiet setting with a a full lot of curiosities very close. The fishers port of Granville, highspot for seafood gastronomy is only a few miles away. Very attractive picnic shopping is possible right on the river, as there is an andouille smoking craftshop selling also cheese, chilled cider and biscuits.

Fishing for trout and grayling on public river with a very attractive No kill & Fly only stretch. Fishing period March 15 to September 20. Dry fly from mid-may to the end of the season. 

Inland Cotentin alternative

Gîte rural in the region of Vire

We have selected a 3 épis Gîte Rural. Quality lodge on the premises of an old ivy covered watermill. River is of course in the garden. 1km is totally private for the Lodge. Your license allows you to fish miles of river, on stretches of neighbour fisher's associations. Superb scenery in the "Gorges de la Vire". Price includes no meal, you make your own shopping and cooking or choose one of the restaurants that we have selected for you. There are two lodges, for a couple with childrens or two couples.

Fishing, on private lodge's stretch of 1km. + all the neighbour local club's stretches. Very nice opportunities on pike and chubs on the fly on the lower stretches. Easy access to the trout and grayling stretches described before. 


Southern parts near the Mont Saint Michel

Le Mont Saint Michel, along with the Tour Eiffel and Notre-Dame de Paris, remains one of the most visited monuments of France and probably of the world. It sometimes needs courage to join the crowds in the narrow climbing streets. There are wonderful views to the mount from the cliffs of the Genêts in the north or from the salted marshy meadows of Sainte Anne et Cherrueix in the south. The bay is a reputed wetland for wildfowl nesting and wintering.

Le Mont Saint Michel


The two hotels we recommend are highly enjoyable gourmet retreats also. The surroundings of the bay are reputed for the lambs and for the oysters. Cancale is one of the best production center for oysters in France. In Cancale is found the Guide Michelin rouge awarded Maison Bricourt, but a full lot of simplest but delicious houses is available.


When you (ever) finish le Mont Saint Michel, you can choose Cancale or Saint-Malo and all the D-Day memory sites. There are also many other local villages, churches etc...


Fishing on public rivers for brown trout & salmon. Trout on dry fly from June to the end of season. Spring salmons from March to June.

On river Sélune,

Salmon of the river Sélune

Traditional inn owner and keen chef with salmon angler (The chef is also a salmon angler, un vieux saumonnier). Good rooms, all kinds of excellent menus, outsdanding good value table. A wonderful place to stay.


View of the Mont Saint Michel from the salted meadows (les prés salés)

Le Mont Saint Michel

Kitchen of the restaurant La Mère Poulard


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