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Grayling fly fishing

on the crystal clear Iton chalk-stream
Chalk-streams have greatly contributed to the reputation of fly fishing in Normandy and southern England, during the golden age of the feathered hats. We are introducing an excellent stretch responding precisely to all the criterias that built this reputation. Elegant setting on the premises of a former wealthy manor dedicated to horse breeding and fly fishing. on crystal clear waters. Excellent all season hatches. Beautiful trout and a strong population of grayling.

The small norman shack and old willows that we are using for our picnics

Grayling are strong fighters and offer superb sport on dry flies. For our pleasure they are rising to the surface more or less all day long. On this stretch are often caught excellent fish in the range 45 / 55 cm. There is a picture below.

The grayling is hooked

You can tell how clear the water is


The nearest big town is Evreux. The distance from Paris is approximately 100 km. Good accomodation can be found nearby but this is typical stretch for an easy day trip from Paris.

Fishing time

Unlike trout choosing late hours to show up, grayling on good days are rising all day long. We can choose to stay until dusk in hope of a nice trout, but a fishing day starting at 11.00 am ending before dinner time will be very pleasant.


In May and later in the deep summer and early fall, grayling fly fishing is at its best.

Iton rates

Please ask by email for the complete Normandy rates

Over a few days, the Iton can be combined with the Andelle or the rivers of the Pays d'Auge


Any trout equipment is fine. 8-X tippet can be required when the river becomes crystal clear. Flies are sold on the spot. The typical grayling fly is a CDC emerger, or a Griffith gnat in size # 16 or 18.


Waders are recommended in the summer. The wading features no difficulty at all, the ground is flat and not slippery and the current is very smooth but the river is wide.

Detail of the so particular fin of the grayling

July 2002 - Equalling the French IGFA record 48 cm grayling

Good brownies are caught later at sunset. The angler on the bench seems pretty jealous.

Fishing from the bank in the early season. For grayling preservation there is no wading before May 20th

The charming little bridge, reminiscent of ancient times


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