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Le Pays d'Auge

The "Pays d'Auge" region is in the back country of the famous ports and resorts of Honfleur, Deauville and Trouville. It takes like two small hours to drive from Paris. Three famous chalk-streams are flowing in the Pays d'Auge: The Risle, the Charentonne and the Touques. This is the production region of the star cheese Camembert, Pont-Lévèque & Livarot, here also is distilled the best calvados apple brandy.

Swan exploring the Risle

Honfleur & Deauville

Parisians love Deauville, Trouville and Honfleur for different reasons. Deauville is an elegant resort offering beaches, golf courses, horse races, casinos and palace hotels. Trouville is more the place to find good restaurants serving seafood in front of the fishers market. Honfleur is an old small harbor visited for the many antique shops and art galleries found in the narrow streets, and for the pleasure of a drink at a café of the old port.

Port of Honfleur

The port of Honfleur

Shrimp fisher boat and nets

On the picture the walls of the old houses may look dark. They are nicely and fully covered of slate to protect the wood constructions against salty sea winds and rains of the winter storms. Most of the buildings are very old. The clear one on the right is the former salt cellar (grenier à sel), now a town museum.

The port of Honfleur

Great seafood dinner in Trouville

and palace breakfast in Deauville...

Below: Description of the different valleys - Gastronomy in the Pays d'Auge - Fishing days in the Pays d'Auge -

The Risle

The most famous chalk stream of Normandy

Charles C. Ritz beloved mill of Aclou on the river Risle

La Risle was made famous by Charles Ritz's masterpiece book "A Fly fisher's life". The "Aclou reach" is often mentioned as his favorite fishing spot.

Our stretches are situated upstream from the market town of Pont Audemer. Shopping for river picnic in Pont-Audemer is an outstanding pleasure. Our suggested hotels are excellent departing points for sight seeing to the seashore of Deauville, Trouville, and Honfleur.

The Risle is joined from Paris after two hours leisurely driving. The total distance is 140kms.

Pont-Audemer does not claim to be the Venice, of Normandy

but is clearly built on water

On the Risle is found only brown trout. Dry Fly fishing really starts by mid May. Wet fly fishing can be productive during the early season, between late April and the first serious hatches. Fly anglers of the old time would never wade to fish. Now wading is not necessary, but not forbidden either.

Walking to the "Evening rise" on the Risle

An excellent brown trout of the Risle

Happy days in Normandy - Aclou  May 26th 2007

Prices & Accommodation

Risle Rates

Please simply ask by email for the complete Normandy rates

Choice of accommodation for the Risle

Quaint market town hotel at short distance - Manor hotel, slightly farther - Charm and reasonable luxury hotels in Honfleur. 

Over 2 or 3 days it is easy to combine the Risle with the other streams of Normandy


Trout of the Pays d'Auge, June 2006


Calvados distilleries, but also cider and cheese farms can be visited at several places on the vallée de la Touques. Of course it is possible to take away what you like. The label beside is from a distillery on the river Touques very near some of the best sea trout stretches.

Camembert, pont-lévèque and livarot cheese are found here in their best traditional quality named AOC Pays d'Auge fermier

Market day in Pont-Audemer

Normandy - Cows, meadows and old churches.

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