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Fly fishing in Provence...

An amazing countryside

A Provence of fishermen and hunters is hidden in the back-country of the côte d'Azur and fancy places like Saint Tropez, Nice, Aix, Les Baux or Eygalières. It is a wonderful world and setting to discover and enjoy. In Provence, the Climate is warm and dry. The earth is red and stony. The streams are usually limestone rivers flowing across thyme and rosemary scented hills. Plane trees give shadow to village places, olive trees and cypresses make décor complete. The wine and the gastronomy were already famous in the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. They left in exchange many architectural treasures and inspiration

In April naked vineyards but almond trees in flowers...

An excellent time for fly fishing and sightseeing is now starting

Readings downpage under our best proposals.... "Gastronomie Provençale" - "Fishing for Provençale fish soup from a boat departing from the port of Saint-Raphaël..." and a recipe of the famous fish-soup of Provence soupe de poisson de roche...

Our fishing spots...

The river Sorgue

Fly fishing the river Sorgue is a unique experience. This river is flowing in an environment boasting of maybe 3000 years of sophisticated civilization. Avignon of course but most tiny village have kept some heritage of the Roman time. The river Sorgue is clearly a must to the flyfisherman who wants to say that he fished some of the most beautiful streams in the world... Go to the Sorgue

The river Verdon

Fly fishing the river Verdon is much different. Even visitors from Colorado have been impressed by the scenery of the canyon named "gorges du Verdon". The river sometimes flows under 700 meters high narrow cliffs. The surrounding also offers a wonderful succession of charming small villages. There is an excellent choice of quality hotels. Go to the Verdon

Saltwater fishing & fly fishing

Fishing for small colourful rock-fish (girelles, roucaus, sarans, rascasses) and bigger species at early morning from a boat departing from Saint-Raphaël. There is more fun and gastronomy involved than sport in this experience. Taking the sea at dawn from a small provençal port is an memorable experience alone but larger fish like dorades, pageots, sars or sea-bass loup are also caught and will be delighted to end up on a BBQ with a bunch of herbs from the hills. This experience is obviously more enjoyable for fishers who are renting a house than for those staying at hotels but I doubt that many hotels will refuse to cook your catches if you ask. See the boat and some pictures, click.

Streams in the back-country of Nice, Cannes, Monte-Carlo

The backcountry of the Riviera offers many wild rivers like the Esteron in France, or the Tanaro in Italy. In this area, the hills of Provence have left place to the Alps. Read more...

The source of La Sorgue in Fontaine de Vaucluse

This picture (and many others), courtesy of Ann & John D. Moore

Honeymooners from Texas, here in the vineyards of the Mont Ventoux

Gastronomy of Provence

What defines best the cuisine of Provence is the combination of love and simplicity. Some will claim the influence of the sun but those are certainly not staying there in the winter. Love because more than anybody else, the Provençal needs to share good moments with friends and family. Simplicity because he doesnt like to worry to much. As he will have friends so often at his table he will not launch complicated fabrications. And also because he is a gifted man -this region gives everything and everything is good- no sophistication is required for the cuisine provençale. The good cook must only respect the personality of each product. In quality and variety, nothing compares to a street market in Provence. This is maybe where the sun interferes. A fruit or a vegetable like a peach or a tomato in Provence will most often it should do... if you see what I mean. And quite clearly also the good wines are a gift of the sun. One last word on love, I say "the Provençal" but in my mind, I see all these wonderful charming women of all ages. They are the soul of the Provençale cuisine. Maybe that makes a difference. See the recipe of the classic Provence fish soup, on the saltwater page.


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Do not miss on the page for la Sorgue a really nice text about:


Courtesy of Tom Mann for Tom is a keen American writer and fly fisherman sharing his time between Montana and Provence...

La Cadière...