Hunting in France Presentation - Hunter's License for non residents-

Day trips from Paris Light organization or short notice country outings.

Hounds & Horses - The famous French Chasse à Courre - Wedding ! - Unusual and outstanding, an American Hunting Wedding in France. - Portugal - Hosted trip - Mounted hunting foray with a French pack of boar hounds

Wingshooting Partidge & Pheasant, over dogs and walked up.

Driven wingshooting near Paris, partridge & pheasant.

Sporting Estates Hunting & Fishing properties for sale in France.

Clay birds Shooting France & Spain boast of excellent shooting grounds found either near the cities or in the countryside. Often the occasion to add some nice sport to a good trip. Just contact us -no special page for the moment.

Big Game

Wild boar


Red deer

Mountain game

Bow & Arrow

Migratory birds

Woodpigeon palombes in the Pyrenees


Waterfowl surface ducks at seashore wetlands

Snipe over dogs and walked up.

Season entry

Summer - June -July - August & September-

Autumn - October -

Winter - November - December - January & February -

Regional entry

Paris Day trips or short forays from Paris, to Normandy & Sologne near the Loire châteaux.


Brittany Brittany spaniels & classic woodcock hunting over dogs

Bordeaux & the Pyrenees of the Basque-Land.


Outside France...

Spain Classic shooting in Castile. Driven redlegged partridge & big game stalking.

Italy Venice - In search of Hemingway memories (& ducks) in the lagoon of Venezia...





France is an outstanding sporting destination...

Château de Chambord - Stronghold of fascinating hunting traditions


The French countryside is one of the prettiest in the world and a stronghold for many fascinating traditions. It is also the best destination for a gourmet and cultural holiday. No better season than fall or winter to discover Versailles, the Mont Saint Michel or the Loire Châteaux, with no tourist crowds. Provence or the Bordeaux vineyards offer also their best to the winter visitor.


A highly wife endorsed holiday...

We can say that hunting in France could be the perfect holiday for non hunting spouses. For instance we offer day trips from Paris, where non hunters can enjoy all the museums, shops and Parisian pleasures while sportsmen are afield. At the end of the day, all parties can meet again for dinner either in the countryside or in the city.


Hunter's license details below

Grand chiens français noir et blanc - By François Lebert -

All paintings on this website, courtesy of my good friend François Lebert. François lives and hunts on the estuary of the Loire not far from Couëron where young J.J. Audubon started his career. You will discover more illustrations along our pages, but you can click here to open François's website featuring European hunting scenes & African big game.


Compulsory French license for non residents

Valid for a period of 9 days

Obtained within one or two weeks

The following documents are required:

1/ Photocopy of your own national hunter's license.

2/ Photocopy of your passport.


There are small regional variations but the average is:

Around 120 euros for a Départemental

A National 9 days licenses costs around 225 euros -

Whatever the reason, the license is never refund once it is done

License control for a hunter from Louisiana, before commencing a days roebuck stalking...


How to bring your shotgun...

Classic shotguns side barrels or over/under, are easy to clear and import. All air companies should be able to give details. Rifles are slightly more complicated. Double guns express rifles and one shot bolt action are the easiest to clear. Semi automatic rifles can be more complicated. Pump action shotguns are banned for public security reasons. All guns recalling for any reason, war or defense weapons are forbidden.

Odd top models - Myself and dear Jumbo on cover

Photo Pierre Poupart

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